Team / Advisors

West Coast Advisory Board


  • Chair: Reid Hoffman, Partner, Greylock; Co-Founder and Executive Chairman, LinkedIn 
  • John Lilly, Partner, Greylock; former CEO, Mozilla
  • Ana Rowena McCullough, Co-Founder, Quest Scholars Program and QuestBridge
  • Barney Pell, CEO, QuickPay
  • James Slavet, Partner, Greylock
  • David Sze, Partner, Greylock
  • Terra Terwilliger, Principal, Brigid Executive Consulting
East Coast Advisory Board


  • Co-Chair: Bill Bradley, Allen & Company
  • Co-Chair: Chele Chiavacci, Mistral Capital 
  • Co-Chair: Juan Enriquez, Managing Director, Excel Medical Ventures
  • Zac Zeitlin, Former Partner and Head of Principal Finance,
    Silver Point Capital
  • Josh Cohen, Managing Partner, Citylight Capital 
  • Joseph S. Fichera, Senior Managing Director and CEO, Saber Partners 
  • John Katzman, Founder and CEO, Noodle Education; Founder, 2U
  • Whitney Tilson, Managing Partner, T2 Partners
Junior (Young Leaders) Advisory Board

  • Chair: Mary-Catherine Lader, Goldman Sachs
  • Daniel Clemens, COO, Appjet
Academic Advisors


  • Jeff Brenzel, former Dean of Admissions, Yale University
  • Anthony Marx, President, New York Public Library and former President, Amherst College 
  • Thomas Parker, Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid, Amherst College 
  • Bruce Poch, former Vice President and Dean of Admissions, Pomona College 
  • Rachel Rubin, Harvard School of Education 
  • Morton Schapiro, President, Northwestern University
Business Advisors

  • Bruce Dunlevie, Partner, Benchmark Venture Capital
  • H. Irving Grousbeck, Professor, Stanford Business School 
  • Robert Kagle, Partner, Benchmark Venture Capital 
  • Erica Plambeck, Assistant Professor, Stanford Business School 
  • David Siminoff, Co-Founder, Shmoop and Co-Founder and CIO, Thompson Peak Capital, LP
  • Phil Wickham, President & CEO Kauffman Fellows Program
Legal Advisors & Pro-Bono Law Firms


  • Todd Rumberger, Foley & Lardner LLP
  • Linda Inscoe, Latham & Watkins LLP
General Advisors

  • John Rick Berthold, President, the Altos Group; President Emeritus, Menlo College
  • Paul Brest, President, Hewlett Foundation¬†
  • Joseph Grundfest, Professor, Stanford Law School; Former Commissioner, Securities and Exchange Commission, 1985-90¬†
  • John Stevens, Managing Partner, Headwaters Capital Partners
Quest Scholar Alumni Advisors & Student Advisors


  • Chitua Alozie, QuestBridge Student Co-Founder
  • Elizabeth Kwo, Harvard Medical School and MBA programs
  • Teresa Sesera Murillo, QuestBridge Student Co-Founder
  • Isabel Cesanto Safie, Member, Quest Scholars Board



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