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Vincente Perez

"For low-income individuals, QuestBridge can alleviate the stress that comes from financial issues such as fees for applications and more. Furthermore, QuestBridge allows students to highlight achievements that some people brush over, such as overcoming financial problems like divorce and homelessness. QuestBridge allows low-income students to realize their dreams with one fewer obstacle."

Kansas City, KS
2011 National College Match Recipient
University of Chicago, Class of 2016


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The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, David Mills, Helen and Peter Bing, and Erica Plambeck for their essential support in the creation of QuestBridge.

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Helen & Peter Bing
Center for Venture Education &
     Kauffman Fellows Program
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Goldman Sachs Foundation
H. Irving Grousbeck Family
Heckscher Foundation for Children
William & Flora Hewlett Foundation
Robert Kagle Family
David Mills
David & Lucile Packard Foundation
George Roberts Foundation 


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A&A Fund
Naila Aliyeva
Richard & Cindy Banakus
Mark Baumgartner
S.D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation
David & Minnie Berk Foundation
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Blurb, Inc.
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Canyon Partners
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Alexandra Cocleaza
George & Marilyn Coombe
Jonathan Coslet & Jeanne Rosner
M.C. & Stella Davis
Robert & Judith Davis
Roger & Margaret Davisson
Ralph & Lynn Duniway
Joan & Bob Easton
Leonard W. Ely
Barbara Epstein Foundation
Ellen Feldman
Russell & Anne Fernald
Tim Ferriss
Joseph S. Fichera
Don & Margaret Ann Fidler
George Fisher
Flora Family Foundation
Nancy & Pat Forster
Felicia B. Geiger
Scott & Amy Giardina
Perry & Donna Golkin
Molly Hall
Shagran Hassan
Robert Hess
David Hoffman & Heidi Tremblay
Reid Hoffman & Michelle Yee
David L. Hunter
Intuit Foundation
Irvine Foundation
Alan & Cledith Jennings
Derry & Charlene Kabcenell
Kendall Family Foundation
Jin Kim*
Koret Foundation
Charles Kung & Lisa Guerra
Eustace Kwan Family Foundation
Candace Lee
Erin Coleman
Claire Lilienfield
Jessica Oliveira
Jin Kim
Kappa Phi Lambda Nu
Leo Perry*
SAGE Dining Services
Robert Spofford
Leon Lowenstein Foundation, Inc.
Mrs. L.W. Lane, Jr.
Janet Larson
David & Kelsey Lamond
Joan Lane
Dan Laz
Dorothy Lazier
Victoria Liu (Art Spark)
Ludwick Foundation
Roy Luo
Annie M. Ma*
Mayfield Fund
Patti McClung & Allen Morgan
McKinsey & Company
William & Betsy Meehan
John & Tashia Morgridge
Morrison & Foerster Foundation
Peter & Carolyn Nelson
Matt Ocko & Hilary Luros
PDF Investments
Bob & Ellen Peck
Erica Plambeck
David & Dawn Pollay
Ellen Porzig
Joe Radwich
Riggio Foundation
Santiago Rizzo*
San Francisco Foundation
Sand Hill Foundation
Matthew Schultz
Seiler, LLP
Dari Shalon
Yehuda Shalon
Silicon Valley Community Foundation
Laurence Silverman
Sarah, Robert, Harrison, & Griffin Moyed Silverman
James Slavet
Isaac Stein & Madeline
     Johnson Stein
Robert & Ashley Sternfels
Josaphat Tango
Eve Teich
Timber Point Advisors, Inc.
Barry & Linda Uphoff
Walton Family Foundation
Xiu Ping Wang
C. Daniel & Mary B. Ward
Adam J. Weissman
Western Association of Venture Capitalists
Alice Woo & Alan Susal
Yellow Chair Foundation
Zac & Amanda Zeitlin
Emma Sugerman
Isurus Market Research &
Consulting LLC
Jia Li Zhu
Julia Tossell
Mary R. Sive
Delta Chi Social Club, Inc.
Mitch & Joan Polinsky
Robert T. Keeler Foundation
Goldman, Sachs & Co.

* Quest Alumni


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Chitua Alozie*
Ashoka Foundation
Jon Bischke
John Bishop
David Bolinsky
Timothy Brady
Philip Bronner
Frank Brucato & Corrie Reynolds
Mary Callender
Nicholas Casey*
Sarah Chandler
Ellen Clear
Matt Cohler
James Comes
Faye Deal
Bruce Dunlevie
John Embree
Tim Ferriss
Barbara Fried
Terry Gannon
Greylock Partners
David L. Hunter
Robert Kagle
Mitch Kapor
Herant Katchadourian
Barbara Kazdan
Don & Robin Kennedy
Freada Klein
Elizabeth Kwo*
Phil & Linda Lader
Ian McCarthy
Carla Terwilliger
William F. Meehan, III
Gustavo Miguel*
David Mills
Michael Murillo*
Teresa Sesera Murillo*
Erin Palm*
Todd Park
Ellen Porzig
David Radel
Jane Rogers
Dolly & Alvin Sacks
Isabel Cesanto Safie*
Sheryl Sandberg
Diana Saville
Akshay Saxena
JP Schnapper-Casteras
Jim Shelton
Nico Slate*
Stanford Law School
Buzz & Holly Thompson
Phin Upham
Ty Voliter
Jeff Wachtel
Eric Weiss
Phil Wickham
Yale Law School
Michelle Yee
Philip B. Young, Jr.

* Quest Alumni


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