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Ana Maldonado

"QuestBridge allows you to show college admissions officers the challenges you have overcome. My future has become so much brighter due to this opportunity."

Santa Ana, CA
2011 National College Match Recipient
Princeton University, Class of 2016


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QuestBridge is the provider of  the National College Match, the College Prep Scholarship, and the Quest for Excellence Awards programs. Please read below for more information.

All Quest programs require that applicants fill out and submit an online application. Uniquely designed and administered by QuestBridge, the application highlights each student's outstanding strengths and achievements, and turns low-income challenges into advantages for the college admissions process.

The National College Match

We know that many of the most talented low-income students in the country do not apply to top colleges. We also know that top colleges want talented low-income students on their campuses. The National College Match was designed specifically to help high-achieving low-income students gain admission and scholarships to some of the country's best colleges and universities.

Through one application, students can apply to our 35 partner colleges and be selected for admission and full four-year scholarships to these schools. The National College Match application opens in August and is due at the end of September.

Visit the National College Match section for more information.

The College Prep Scholarship

We believe that the right information can change the way outstanding low-income juniors see their futures. For qualified students, the purpose of the College Prep Scholarship is three-fold: to make them realize a top-tier education is possible; to prepare them for the college admissions process; and to equip them with practical knowledge on how to gain admission to the nation's leading colleges and universities.

The College Prep Scholarship provides students with the potential to receive multiple awards, including full scholarships to summer programs at leading colleges, individualized college admissions counseling, invitations to our College Admissions Conferences, all-expense-paid visits to college campuses, and more. The College Prep Scholarship application opens in February and is due in late March.

Visit the College Prep Scholarship section for more information.

The Quest for Excellence Awards Program

Several years ago we began offering individuals and organizations the chance to create personalized awards where students would complete some of their college application process at the same time as applying for an award, scholarship, or prize (e.g. a laptop computer). This is called the Quest For Excellence Program, and eventually we hope to have hundreds of partners bringing value to our students, one in the junior year coupled with our College Prep Scholarship, and then again in the fall of senior year in conjunction with our National College Match and Regular Decision process. Our hope is to find ways to add value to top low-income students who use our admissions process, as well as those who do not.

Visit the Quest for Excellence section for more information.

Benefits of Our Programs

Through Quest, you have the unique ability to use one application for many opportunities. For example, the National College Match allows you to apply to several colleges at once for admission and a full scholarship, and you can use the same application to apply to any of our partner colleges through the Regular Decision process. Or you can choose to only apply through Regular Decision, if you prefer. You can also use your application to apply for a Quest for Excellence award.

In addition, applying through QuestBridge means that if you end up at one of our partner colleges, you are part of the Quest Scholars Network. Through this national network, you can access leadership opportunities, internships, and more. As we grow, we expect the opportunities that are available through being a Quest Scholar to expand. It is completely free to apply to our programs, free to remain a part of the network, and free to gain future support and access to programs as we create them.


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