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  • Over 66% of students are from outside of New England and over 91% are from outside the state of Maine.
  • 9% of the students are from outside the US.
  • CA, CT, IL, MA, MD, ME, MN, NH, NJ, NY, PA, TX, VA, WA all have 10 or more students that are enrolling in the fall.
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Bowdoin College


  • Bowdoin is a small liberal arts college on the the Atlantic coast in Brunswick, Maine, located 2 1/2 hours driving distance from Boston. Map.
  • Bowdoin enrolls approximately 1,800  undergraduate students.
  • As of 2008, Bowdoin eliminated loans for all new and current students receiving financial aid, replacing those loans with grants beginning with the 2008-09 academic year. It also meets the full demonstrated need of all applicants. 
  • Bowdoin is the first college in Maine to eliminate loans for all students. It remains among a small handful of colleges across the country who do not require students to acquire student debt.

Socio-economic Diversity

  • 12% of students receiving financial aid at Bowdoin have family incomes below $50,000.
  • 15% of students at Bowdoin receive Federal Pell Grants, which mostly go to students whose family incomes are below $50,000.
  • 12% of students in the Class of 2018 are the first member of their family to attend a four-year college.

    Racial/Ethnic Diversity
    African American 5%
    Asian American 6%
    Caucasian 63%
    Hispanic 13%
    Nonresident 5%
    Native American and
    Native Hawaiian
    Two or more races 8%
    Unknown <1%


    Gender Ratio
    Female 50%
    Male 50%



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School Profile

Campus Setting

  • Suburban 
  • Town population: 22,000


  • 1,800 undergraduates 
  • 506 first year students


  • 14.9% applicants admitted 
  • 63% in top 10% of HS class (for those with a precise rank)

    For those submitting testing:
  • SAT CR Middle 50%: 690-750
  • SAT M Middle 50%: 680-760
  • SAT W Middle 50%: 680-760
  • ACT Middle 50%: 32-34
  • 72% of the class of 2018 submitted testing results

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