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Kolby Danner

"For most of my academic career I had excelled, but it seemed as though I remained under the radar. I am so thankful that Questbridge noticed me and gave me the opportunity to learn with other high-achieving seniors at a renowned university. I believe the Pre-College Program at Notre Dame did a great job of exposing students to the freedoms as well as responsibilities of college life."

2013 College Prep Scholar
University of Notre Dame Pre-College Program participant


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Application Process & Components



Before You Apply

  • Review our Selection Criteria to make sure you are eligible to apply.
  • Review the information on this page. In addition to our online application, you will be required to submit a transcript, one letter of recommendation, and standardized test score reports.



The Application

1. To access the 2014 College Prep Scholarship application, go to the Apply page.

Important information about signing up for your QuestBridge account:

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  • Sign up for a QuestBridge account at application.questbridge.org. 
  • E-mail address: Think carefully about the e-mail address you will be using to create your account with us. Make sure it is an e-mail address you access frequently, as this is the only e-mail address we will use to contact you, and you will continue to receive important notifications from us at this e-mail address. Also, this is the e-mail address we will share with our partner colleges, so make sure it is something professional.
  • Password: Once you sign up for an account, the system will prompt you to create a password. Make sure you keep this secure and private.
  • QuestBridge ID: When you sign up for a QuestBridge account you will be assigned a QuestBridge-specific ID located in the upper right corner of each page of your application. Please include this number when contacting us about your application.

Once you’ve signed up for your QuestBridge account, familiarize yourself with the application. Look over the questions via the links on the left so you can plan ahead to give yourself enough time to complete every section. You can navigate through the application using the links on the left side, even if you haven't completed the prior page. 

2. Register your recommender.

Your College Prep Scholarship application is not complete without your teacher recommendation. The teacher recommendation section is toward the bottom of the list of links in the application, but this does not mean you should do this last. In fact, you should register your recommender as soon as possible in order to give him or her enough time to complete the recommendation form for you by the application deadline. Your teacher will receive an e-mail with instructions and a link to your recommendation form upon your registration.

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Important: Before you register your recommender, make sure you ask for his or her most current e-mail address. You should follow up with your recommender after you register him or her in your application to make sure the email has been received. If you enter the wrong e-mail address, your recommender will not be able to access the online recommendation form. (Note that sometimes our e-mails are blocked by school e-mail filters. If your teacher does not receive an e-mail from us, he/she should contact us directly at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and we can provide alternate access.)

3. Submit your high school transcript and standardized test score reports.

You should upload both your transcript and test score reports directly to your Application Management page. If electronic versions are not available, you can fax them to us using the fax cover sheet linked from your Application Management page. DO NOT send us anything via e-mail or postal mail. 


Obtain a copy of your high school transcript from your school. The transcript can be unofficial. You are also required to enter your courses and grades into the application itself and will want to reference this transcript to do so.

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Test Scores:

We understand that not all students have taken standardized test(s) by the time the College Prep Scholarship application is due. As such, standardized test scores are not required. However, if you have taken tests such as the SAT, PSAT, ACT, PLAN, or AP, you should submit copies of these score reports, as they are an important part of our application evaluation process. 

Please DO NOT submit "official" test score reports via the College Board or ACT. The score reports you send us can be unofficial versions.

If your school includes test scores on your transcript, you DO NOT need to send additional test score reports. 

4. Go to the "Review" page of your application.

If there are any errors or outstanding pieces of information, they will be reflected on your Review page. You should look at this page early and often so that you give yourself enough time to fix any outstanding issues before the application deadline. Keep in mind that the application includes an essay and short answers, as well as detailed questions about your academic performance and financial background.

5. Submit the QuestBridge application by March 26.

The College Prep Scholarship application deadline is March 26, 2014 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time. We recommend submitting early to ensure you don't run into any last-minute difficulties. (This goes for your recommender as well!) All of the application components are also due on March 26, including:

  • One teacher recommendation
  • Transcript
  • Test score reports (if available)



After the Application Deadline

Look for the College Prep Scholar announcement in late April. You will receive an e-mail notifying you that College Prep Scholar decisions have been posted to your Application Management page. You can then log into your account to view the decisions. 



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