David Cabrera

"Columbia University and New York City seemed far off and inaccessible to me growing up in Oklahoma. My College Prep Scholarship award made it possible for me to visit Columbia's campus and get a feel for the students and the academic environment. I came back home feeling confident that I could fit in and thrive at a selective university."

Pauls Valley, OK
2008 National College Match Recipient
Columbia University, Class of 2013 

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All-Expense-Paid Campus Visits



All College Prep Scholars are nominated for all-expense-paid college visits, and we expect that 100-200 students will ultimately be awarded a free campus visit, directly from one of our partner colleges. These visits offer students a chance to spend time experiencing life at a partner college to find out if it offers the right atmosphere for them. Campus visits can be an important tool for students to determine whether or not a school is a good fit.

Campus Visit Award Benefits

Campus visits enable students to discover how colleges look and feel in a way that is not possible from promotional brochures or college websites. Campus visits may offer the opportunities to:

  • Fly across the country to visit a college campus far from home.
  • Explore the campus and witness college life in action.
  • Sit in on a class you might like to take and see what the professor and students have to say.
  • Take a student-guided campus tour.
  • Get a sense of the weather, location, and campus traditions.
  • Meet college students and ask them about their experiences attending the college.
  • Eat in the college dining hall and stay in a dormitory.

Campus Visit Award Specifics

All College Prep Scholars receive nominations for a campus visit. Partner colleges will invite students from among these nominees to complete and submit applications for the campus visits. The colleges will contact these students directly, generally by late summer. Please note that due to limited availability not all students that receive a nomination will be contacted by a college, and that students cannot select which colleges they would like to have consider them. (If there are particular schools you are especially interested in visiting, we encourage you to contact the schools directly for more information about visiting programs and options.) 

Students selected by a college to receive a campus visit will have their expenses covered in full, including room and board. Most visits will take place in the autumn.

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