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Luis David Jaramillo

"The invitation that I received for the conference pushed me to fundraise to be able attend. Upon attending, many of my questions were answered, some that I had had since freshmen year. The knowledge I gained at the conference helped me to see just how I should proceed in my applications and how to show all of myself in an application."

Cape Coral, FL
2012 College Prep Scholar
2012 College Match Recipient
Williams College, Class of 2017


National College Admissions Conferences



QuestBridge National College Admissions Conferences are invitation-only events for high school juniors during the late spring and early summer. Over 2,000 College Prep Scholars will be invited to one of these conferences, which take place on several of our partner college campuses. In 2014, the conferences will be held at Northwestern, Princeton, and Stanford Universities.

Watch a video:
College Admissions Conferences: Envisioning Possibilities

Conference Benefits

Students who attend the conference will have the opportunity to:

  • Discuss strategies for preparing college applications, including how they can present their academic achievements in light of the obstacles they have overcome.
  • Learn how to write application essays that effectively portray life experiences.
  • Discover the full benefit of top colleges' generous financial aid policies that cover 100% of students' financial need.
  • Interact with QuestBridge partner college admissions officers in small group settings and learn how to be a stronger applicant.
  • Hear inspiring words from Dr. Michael McCullough, QuestBridge Co-Founder and President. (Watch a video from previous conferences.)
  • Attend a college fair and talk with admissions officers from our partner colleges.
  • Get to know students from around the country with similar backgrounds, abilities, and aspirations.
  • Take a guided tour of the college campus.
  • Learn about opportunities that QuestBridge offers through the National College Match and the Quest Scholars Network.

Travel Grants

QuestBridge is committed to helping as many students as possible attend the College Admissions Conferences. Each year, we provide a limited number of travel grants to students who travel long distances to attend the conferences. However, as a non-profit organization, we do not have the resources to sponsor travel for all students who receive conference invitations, and can only provide a limited number of travel grants.

We encourage student to fundraise on their own if possible. Past students have been successful in raising funds from sources such as local businesses, churches, and community organizations in order to cover their travel expenses. You may wish to review the fundraising guide on the Junior Statesmen Foundation’s website for more ideas. (QuestBridge is not affiliated with the Junior Statesmen Foundation.)

Conference Details

You will be asked to choose your preferred conference location on the College Prep Scholarship application.

The 2014 College Admissions Conference locations are:

Stanford University
Princeton University
Northwestern University

To get a sense of what the day will be like, please click here to view a sample conference schedule.




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