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Loralee Sepsey

"QuestBridge opens your eyes. You learn about financial aid, awesome schools, and get a free application for them! You stick out as a QuestBridge applicant because despite all of the challenges and limitations you've faced in your life, you leaped over them to become a well-rounded, successful human being who is mature enough not only to handle life at their school, but to thrive. "

Costa Mesa, CA
2013 National College Match Recipient
Stanford University, Class of 2018


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QuestBridge Regular Decision

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 How it works:

number-1 If you are selected as a Finalist, you can also apply through QuestBridge Regular Decision in the event that you are not matched.
number-2 Finalists begin selecting partner colleges to apply to through Regular Decision in November (before Match notification), and complete their applications in December/January.
number-3 You would be reviewed for admission during the colleges' normal Regular Decision timeline and receive your decision in the spring.

If you apply through QuestBridge Regular Decision:

  • All partner college application fees are waived.
  • You can apply to as many partner colleges as you'd like.
  • It offers you a second chance for admission at colleges you ranked, and you can add additional schools that interest you.
  • You are not committed to attend colleges to which you are admitted.
  • You are not eligible for a full College Match Scholarship, however because our partner colleges are committed to meeting financial aid, you can receive a very generous financial aid package.

Please keep in mind:

You may apply to the National College Match but decide not to rank colleges (selecting Regular Decision only), however, you will not be eligible for a College Match Scholarship. The vast majority of applicants will participate in the College Match first.

Submission of the QuestBridge Regular Decision Form in December does not complete your applications; you must submit additional materials directly to the colleges according to the requirements listed below.


Apply through Regular Decision

Follow this timeline to apply through QuestBridge Regular Decision:

Date/Deadline What to complete Who
September 28 National College Match application All applicants
October 13 QuestBridge College Rankings Form: Rank colleges if participating in the College Match. Check "Regular Decision Only" if opting out of rankings. All applicants
October QuestBridge selects Finalists
October 21 Finalist Notification: Log in to see if you were selected as a Finalist. All applicants
November 5-December 9 QuestBridge Regular Decision Form: Select which partner colleges you intend to apply to through Regular Decision. Finalists (College Matches withdraw from Regular Decision.)
January (various deadlines) Submit additional Regular Decision requirements to each of the colleges by the colleges’ Regular Decision deadlines. Finalists
Spring Receive admissions and financial aid decisions from colleges. Finalists 


QuestBridge Regular Decision Requirements for Finalists

If you do not match to a college, or if you chose not to rank any college for the College Match, please review these additional college requirements, and submit them directly to the colleges you apply to.  Deadline: The colleges' normal Regular Decision deadlines

Amherst College Rice University
Bowdoin College Scripps College
Brown University Stanford University
Caltech Swarthmore College
Carleton College Trinity College
Colby College Tufts University
Colorado College University of Chicago
Columbia University University of Notre Dame
Dartmouth College University of Pennsylvania
Davidson College University of Southern California
Emory University University of Virginia
Grinnell College Vanderbilt University
Haverford College Vassar College
MIT Washington and Lee University
Northwestern University Wellesley College
Oberlin College Wesleyan University
Pomona College Williams College
Princeton University Yale University


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