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Jennifer Shin

"The QuestBridge application is free, and if you become a finalist, applying to other partner universities is also free. Besides the fact that QuestBridge removes the financial burden, it provides an application that focuses on low-income students' accomplishments while highlighting the hardships they endured. Applying to QuestBridge certainly benefits low-income students because colleges come to understand the challenges they have faced."

Irvine, CA
2011 National College Match Recipient
University of Notre Dame, Class of 2016


Why Apply for Quest for Excellence Awards?

Program Description and Benefits


Students selected for Quest for Excellence awards will have the choice of one of the following awards:

  • A new laptop computer or iPad.

-- OR --

  • An expense-paid visit to a QuestBridge partner college, during which awardees will have the opportunity to spend time exploring a campus, talking with students and professors, and observing classes in order to get a feel for the college’s atmosphere.


Please see below for the full list of Quest for Excellence Award categories.



Award Descriptions for the 2014 College Prep Scholarship

Quest for Excellence Arts Award

Granted to a student with special skills and interest in the visual or performing arts.

Quest for Excellence Bay Area Award

Granted to a student from the San Francisco Bay Area.

Quest for Excellence New York City Award

Granted to multiple students who live in New York City, are leaders in their community, and fill out the NYC Award supplement in addition to the College Prep Scholarship.   For more information, please visit: Why Apply to the Quest for Excellence NYC Award  

Quest for Excellence Entrepreneurship Award

Granted to a student with demonstrated interest in entrepreneurship and innovation.

Quest for Excellence First Generation Award

Granted to a student whose perseverance and dedication to academic excellence will enable him or her to be among the first generation in his or her family to attend a four-year college.

Quest for Excellence Great Plains Award

Granted to a student from the region between the Mississippi River and the Rocky Mountains.

Quest for Excellence Law Award

Granted to a student interested in the study and practice of law.

Quest for Excellence Military Family Award

Granted to a student with one or more parents on active duty in the U.S. armed forces.

Quest for Excellence Native American Award

Granted to a Native American student who aspires to attend a top-tier college.

Quest for Excellence Rural Award

Granted to a student from a rural area in the United States who demonstrates a desire for opportunities that may have been limited or inaccessible in a rural environment.

Quest for Excellence Science & Technology Award

Granted to a student interested in careers in the sciences and/or technology.

Quest for Excellence Young Physicians’ Award

Granted to a student who intends to become a physician or medical researcher.


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