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While many college resources exist, none are dedicated to addressing the issues from the perspective of a smart, highly-motivated low-income high school student. QuestBridge's resource center does exactly that.

Since 1994 QuestBridge has helped thousands of high-achieving low-income students successfully apply to college and receive full scholarships to top-tier colleges and universities. We have developed a library of tried and true resources aimed to help high school students prepare for and succeed in college.

Below is a quick summary of what you'll find in each section:

Preparing for College

Preparing for college starts as early as 9th grade -- well before your senior year in high school. We'll help you:

Applying to College

Applying to college is not as straightforward as it should be. You need to:

Paying for College

As a low-income student, this is very important. Learn more about:


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Applying for College
Paying for College



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