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Submitting Application Materials



As an educator or counselor, you play a vital role in helping students apply to QuestBridge. You may be involved in one of the following:

  • Writing a recommendation
  • Submitting materials



For Teachers and Counselors:

New! View our 2015 Recommendation Letters Guide


Writing a Recommendation

To write a teacher recommendation or a Secondary School Report for a student for the QuestBridge College Prep Scholarship or National College Match, your student must register you in our application. You can then submit the form online.

Please note that if your student is applying to the National College Match, your student's application is both a college admissions and scholarship application. Your recommendation/report will be read by QuestBridge staff as well as by college admissions officers who are deciding whether to admit your student to their school. It is therefore best to direct your recommendation to both audiences, not only to QuestBridge.

For tips on writing a strong recommendation, please read our Recommendation Guide.

Submitting the Recommendation/Secondary School Report

Once your student has registered you in our system, you will receive an e-mail from us with a link to your recommendation or Secondary School Report form. You can then fill out the recommendation and submit it online. 


For Counselors:
Submitting Supporting Materials

If you are a counselor and your student is applying for the National College Match, you may be asked to submit a Secondary School Report as well as a school transcript and/or standardized test scores on behalf of your student. These are due at the same time as your student's application. 

  • Secondary School Report 
    • This form provides information about the student's academic performance within the context of your school. You will be asked to provide the student's GPA and class rank (if available), comment on the student's coursework, and provide information on the student's character and involvement in school.
    • The SSR must be submitted online.
  • School transcript
    • The transcript must be uploaded or faxed.
    • An unofficial transcript is acceptable.
    • Do not mail transcripts under any circumstances, as they will not be processed.
  • Standardized test score reports
    • Score reports are required for SAT Reasoning, SAT Subject, ACT, or any additional tests. If your school does not keep records of these tests, students can submit copies of score reports they received in the mail or that are available online through the testing agencies’ websites.
    • Test score reports must be submitted via upload or fax.
    • Please do not have your student submit test scores to QuestBridge through the College Board or ACT, as we will not receive them and the student will be charged by the testing agency.
  • School Profile (optional)
    • The School Profile is a document providing background information about your school, such as its size, courses offered, percent of students going on to higher education, etc. While optional, submitting a School Profile helps us better understand the context of your student's academic performance.
    • The School Profile should be submitted via upload or fax. 
  • College Match Agreement Form (required only for students who have ranked colleges for the College Match)
    • This form specifies which colleges the student has selected to rank for the College Match and must be signed by the student, a parent or legal guardian, and school counselor to indicate an understanding of the binding nature of the College Match (students are committed to attend if matched). A student only needs to submit this form if he/she is participating in the College Match process and chose to rank colleges.
    • The form will be available on the student's Manage page after he/she has submitted college rankings selections for the College Match. It must be submitted by upload or fax with the required signatures and is due the same day as the rankings selections (after the application deadline). 




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