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Williams College

Tyng Scholarship

For high school students applying to the National College Match in 2013

Scholarship Details

The Stephen H. Tyng Scholarship was established in 1940 through the bequest of Mrs. Juliet Tyng in memory of her husband and son. This prestigious award is presented annually to six to eight of the most promising scholars in the first-year class.

Tyng Scholars receive generous financial aid packages that maximize scholarships and grants in order to meet the students' demonstrated need. Tyng Scholars also receive funding for up to three years of graduate or professional school.

Summer Internships: Tyng Scholars are highly encouraged to pursue special internship, research or study opportunities for all three of their undergraduate summers (commencing after freshman year). A stipend of $3,200 is available for one summer, and full scholarship replacement of the Tyng summer earnings expectation of $1,300 for the other two summers.

Graduate School: Tyng Scholarships for graduate/professional school are based on demonstrated need. Up to three years (six semesters) of assistance is available (totaling no more than $180,000). Depending on individual circumstances, six semesters may be exchanged for six summers of study/research. Tyng funds can be used for any type of professional or graduate school program, such as medical school or law school.

Of important note for Tyng Scholars:

  • Students are not required to hold campus jobs.
  • The Tyng Scholarship is not a full, four-year scholarship like the College Match. The dollar amount of the Tyng Scholarship is based on demonstrated need. Tyng Scholars' financial aid applications will be reviewed on an annual basis and may therefore vary from year to year.


Sample Tyng Scholarship Packages (for first-year students):


Example 1 (applies to anyone with a parental contribution below $4,000)
 Cost of Attendance $59,670 Tyng Scholarship $55,170
Parent Contribution $3,500
Student Contribution (Summer) $1,000
Total Need $55,170 Total Package $55,170


Example 2 (applies to anyone with a parental contribution between $4,000 and $7,000)
 Cost of Attendance $59,670
Tyng Scholarship
Parent Contribution $5,500
Student Contribution (Summer)
Total Need
$52,670 Total Package $52,670


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