QuestBridge Alumni Club of New York

Welcome to the QuestBridge Regional Alumni Club of New York!

Words from the Chair, Daniel Nissani:

The QuestBridge Regional Alumni Club of New York is a community for New York alumni. But even more so, it is a network where young alumni can professionally develop. We welcome all alumni to come and network with each other and become a professional resource for the greater community.

2018 Regional Board Members

Daniel Nissani, Northwestern '14
Regional Alumni Chair - New York

Kevin Ko, UChicago '12

Dario Aharpour, Dartmouth '15
Career Development Chair

Linnea Paseiro, Princeton '14
Social/Service Chair

Lucas Dos Santos, Pomona '17
Social/Service Committee Member

Riley Jones, Columbia '17
Social/Service Committee Member

Sudie Simmons, Yale '13
Social/Service Committee Member

David Watkins, Emory '17
Social/Service Committee Member