National Quest Day

What is National Quest Day?

Years ago, QuestBridge collaborated with college partners to launch the first National Quest Day. The goal was to have a day for Scholars to reflect on their unique identity, and celebrate the bond that brings the QuestBridge community together. This special day has turned into an annual tradition that we all look forward to. 

The 7th Annual National Quest Day will take place on Saturday, November 14, 2020. While this academic year has come with unprecedented changes, all of us here at QuestBridge, as well as admissions staff and campus administrators, remain committed to supporting Scholars. No matter where you are, all Scholars can participate in National Quest Day as members of a vibrant family of approximately 20,000 Scholars and Alumni across the world! 

Don't miss important updates

To fully participate in National Quest Day, the most important thing you can do is make sure your contact information is up to date! Review and update your QSN Contact Preferences to receive news about national initiatives. Your QSN President and Executive Board use the same contact information to share chapter-specific updates. 

Participate in a variety of ways

If you are a QuestBridge Scholar:

  • Join us for the very first QB Convene: Attend this mini-summit on Saturday, November 14 at 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Pacific Time. There will be meaningful discussions with QuestBridge Alumni, breakout sessions on themes relevant to the Scholar experience, and interactive opportunities to meet Questies across the network. Read more details here >>
  • Show your QuestBridge pride virtually: Showcase your QB pride on social media during the month of November. In the coming weeks we’ll share fun QB features for you to use. Make sure to tag @questbridge so others in the community can follow and feature your stories and posts!
  • Celebrate with your QSN Chapter: Participate in your chapter’s official QSN Spirit Award submission, an award given out annually to the most spirited chapter! Your QSN Chapter President and Executive Board will be leading this initiative. Read more details here >>

If you are part of a QuestBridge College Partner Admissions or Campus Office:

  • Attend QB Convene to listen to inspiring speakers discuss topics important to Questies! Read more details here >>
  • Collaborate with the QSN Chapter in their QSN Spirit Award submission! The QSN Chapter President and Executive Board will be leading this initiative.  
  • Share your pride for Scholars on social media during the month of November. Make sure to tag @questbridge so others in the community can all follow your stories and posts!

We can’t wait for this year’s National Quest Day celebration! Each year, this initiative is a great way to further strengthen our vibrant community.

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