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QuestCasts for the National College Match

If you are a Finalist, please check your email inbox for upcoming QuestCasts about your next steps.

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Research and Ranking Strategy for the Match

Monday, October 4

Before you submit your rankings list, join us for a special session to hear ranking strategy and advice from Match Scholarship Recipient and current QuestBridge staff member, Clay Kingsbury. We will first conduct a sample research and ranking exercise, then open for live Q&A to get your ranking questions answered.

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Next Steps for National College Match Applicants

Thursday, September 30

You've submitted your application... now what? Attend this QuestCast to learn about your next steps, including researching our college partners and ranking colleges for the Match.

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QuestCasts for Educators

If you are an educator of a Finalist, please check your email inbox for upcoming QuestCasts about their next steps.

Previous QuestCasts

Ranking Colleges for the Match

Tuesday, October 5

Confused about ranking colleges for the National College Match? Unsure how to guide your students through this process? Join us as we explain ranking in greater detail, highlight what makes it unique compared to other admissions processes, and go through a few ranking examples. 

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Application Support for Educators

Tuesday, September 7

Have questions about the National College Match application, and how to support your students in filling it out? Join us as we walk through the components needed and give tips for helping your students submit the best application possible.

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Educator Recommendations: Insight from College Admissions Officers

Tuesday, August 31

Join admissions officers from our college partners to learn recommendation writing tips and ask questions about how to make yours stand out in the competitive college admissions process.

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The National College Match: An Overview for Educators

Tuesday, August 17

If you're an educator working with students who are applying to QuestBridge or if you are interested in our program for seniors, please join us for this webinar. You will learn about the National College Match application process, the type of students we look for, and how to support your students.

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