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Valerie Caamano

"QuestBridge helped connect me to a once in a lifetime opportunity that I definitely would not have known about because I thought Notre Dame was financially unreachable for my family. I learned much about myself and the world around me in the Seminar and I would love to go back to Notre Dame's beautiful campus!"

2013 College Prep Scholar
University of Notre Dame Pre-College Program participant


College Prep Scholarship Overview


The 2014 College Prep Scholarship application is now closed.

Notifications will be posted on your QuestBridge account in late April.


QuestBridge's College Prep Scholarship provides opportunities designed to help outstanding low-income high school juniors prepare to apply to top colleges. More than 2,000 students will be selected as College Prep Scholars and will receive one or more awards that will make them stronger applicants to selective colleges.

Read more about some successful College Prep Scholars who are now attending top colleges on full College Match scholarships!

Did you know…

…a top-tier college education is possible for low-income students? Leading colleges are looking for students who have achieved academic excellence despite financial challenges. Despite this, only 34% of academically qualified low-income students attend leading colleges.

…you can afford the education you dreamed about? Attending a selective private college can actually be cheaper than going to a community or state college. Financial aid packages at many leading schools cover 100% of students' demonstrated financial need.

Learn more about the College Prep Scholarship for high school juniors:


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