Campus Chapters

A community for your college years

You got into college through QuestBridge. Now what? We aim to enrich the college experience for students from low-income backgrounds through the QuestBridge Scholars Network (QSN). Student-led QSN Chapters on each college partner campus create spaces for Scholars to build friendships with peers from similar backgrounds and share knowledge about helpful resources.

Who is a QuestBridge Scholar? Students who:

  • Were selected as Finalists for the National College Match
  • Were admitted through the Match, Regular Decision, or any other admission round
  • Are attending a QuestBridge college partner

Why get involved with your chapter?

Each chapter is unique! Activities and opportunities that student leaders organize for chapter members may include:

Remember: QSN Chapters are student-led organizations that are open to all Finalists attending a college partner, regardless of how you were admitted.

Resource sharing

Chapters provide spaces to share knowledge about on-campus resources for financial aid, career exploration, and more.

Study breaks

Need a break from studying? Chapters host activities to recharge Scholars during busy seasons.

National Quest Day

National Quest Day is an annual tradition that honors the people and stories of the QuestBridge community.

Food & fun

Pizza, ice cream, and more! Chapters receive funding from QuestBridge to host many gatherings at no expense to Scholars.

Connect with your QSN Chapter

If you’re a QuestBridge Scholar, update your QuestBridge Profile to tell us where you’re enrolled and sign up for updates from your chapter.


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