Our Partners

Our partnerships bridge the gap between the nation’s brightest minds and the opportunities they deserve.

Since our founding in 1994 at Stanford University, QuestBridge has expanded our partnerships to colleges, graduate schools, and companies across the country. All of our partners share one core belief: individuals from low-income backgrounds have abundant talent, unique perspectives, and untapped potential. 

Our partnerships propel our students, Scholars, and Alumni forward through each life stage so they can reach their full potential. 

Meet our partners

College Partners

Our 50+ undergraduate college partners are committed to making a top education accessible for high-achieving students from low-income backgrounds and supporting them throughout their college years.

Graduate School Partners

Our graduate school partners are committed to ensuring that a graduate degree is attainable for our Alumni so that future leaders represent many backgrounds and perspectives.

Company Partners

Our company partners are committed to creating inclusive and equitable workplaces where Scholars and Alumni can thrive in their careers.