Find your mentorship match

In the years leading up to graduation, QuestBridge Scholars may have questions like: What do I want my career to look like? Where should I live? How can I make an impact on my community? Many QuestBridge Alumni have already walked this path and are uniquely equipped to offer guidance to help Scholars transition successfully to post-graduate life at a new job, graduate program, or wherever life takes them next.

QuestBridge Alumni Mentorship facilitates these meaningful connections so that Scholars can receive advice from a trusted member of the QuestBridge community.

How can Scholars benefit?

  • Get help navigating the transition from college to post-graduate life.
  • Make the most of college and prepare for your post-graduate plans.
  • Learn the value of a mentorship relationship.

How can Alumni benefit?

  • Share experiences and advice with a younger mentee.
  • Give back to the QuestBridge community.

Meeting with my mentor made me realize that there is someone who has been in a similar position as me and I don't have to do things alone.

Josselyn R., Wellesley '26

We connected so easily and [my mentee] was able to share vulnerably! Her career interests match up with my experience as well so it is encouraging that I might really be able to help her and give her a good idea about her area of interest.

Christa N., Emory ‘16

Start your mentorship journey

Through a unique mentorship matching process that aims to find best-possible fits, Scholars and Alumni will meet in pairs and in a larger cohort with guided content and curriculum. If a suitable pair can be found, participants will:

  • Meet regularly one-on-one virtually.
  • Set goals to work on together.
  • Join cohort meetings to learn about growing personally and professionally.

Invitations to apply are sent to eligible Scholars and Alumni each summer.

Who can participate?

Mentees: QuestBridge Scholars in their second, third, or fourth year of college

Mentors: QuestBridge Alumni who have work experience or are in a graduate program