College Prep Scholars Program

Get a head start to a top college as a high school junior with scholarships, awards, and resources designed to help you stand out in college admissions.

A head start to top colleges

Top colleges and universities are looking for students who have excelled academically despite financial hardship, and they partner with QuestBridge to find students like you. If you are a high-achieving high school junior from a low-income background, the College Prep Scholars Program can equip you with knowledge, confidence, and resources to connect with the nation's most sought-after colleges.


  • High school juniors, regardless of citizenship, currently attending high school in the U.S., and U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents living abroad
  • Earning primarily A’s in the most challenging courses offered
  • Demonstrating strong writing skills and intellectual curiosity, plus resilience, integrity, and motivation to succeed
  • Typically from a household earning less than $65,000 annually with minimal assets (for a household of four members)


Why apply as a junior?

College application head start

Get a head start on applying for full four-year scholarships to over 50 college partners with an application that carries over to the National College Match your senior year.

College prep

Receive guidance and resources to develop a strong college application.

Exclusive access

Get access to summer program scholarships, college admissions conferences, writing workshops, and even a chance to visit top colleges for free!


Gain a supportive community of motivated peers who are also applying to top colleges.

By the numbers

College Prep Scholars are selected based on their academic achievement, financial circumstances, and personal qualities. They are competitive candidates for admission to college partners, and the awards and resources they receive further equip them to navigate the college application process.


High school juniors selected as College Prep Scholars in 2024

Almost 6 X

College Prep Scholars are almost six times more likely than other applicants to receive full four-year scholarships through the National College Match.

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