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QuestBridge supports high-achieving students from low-income backgrounds on their path to a top college. This is your chance to dream big. 

Top colleges are looking for students like you. Through the College Prep Scholars Program for high school juniors and the National College Match for high school seniors, QuestBridge is dedicated to connecting you to the resources, scholarships, awards, and support you need to apply to and attend a top college or university.

Explore our programs, along with our robust resource library, regularly updated event calendar, 50+ college partners, and more. 

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College Prep Scholars Program

Get a head start to a top college as a high school junior with scholarships, awards, and resources designed to help you stand out in college admissions.

National College Match

A top college is possible. Apply for full four-year scholarships to over 50 top colleges through the National College Match.

College Partners

Explore our 50+ college partners that are committed to making a top education possible for outstanding students from low-income backgrounds.


Explore resources on preparing for college, paying for college, applying to college, and more for students, educators, and family members.


Join an upcoming event to learn something new, get your questions answered, and expand your network.

Refer a Student

Refer students who excel academically and exhibit strong character despite facing financial challenges, and QuestBridge will send them information when they are eligible for our programs. 


Visit our online help portal for questions about the College Prep Scholars Program and National College Match. 

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