dominique samuels


Dominique Samuels

"The benefit of applying through QuestBridge is that you automatically become a more competitive applicant. Also, I became more organized because I knew I had much earlier deadlines than normal ED/EA applicants. Other students should apply to QuestBridge because it gives students the opportunity to show off who they are in light of other circumstances."

Trenton, NJ
2013 National College Match Recipient
Davidson College, Class of 2018


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Scholarship Details



College Match scholarship recipients are granted admission to one of QuestBridge's partner colleges with a full, four-year scholarship. This scholarship is offered as part of a generous financial aid package provided by QuestBridge's partner colleges.  Our partner colleges use a combination of their own funds as well as state and federal aid to cover the cost of attendance, including:

  • Tuition and fees
  • Room and board
  • Books and supplies
  • Travel expenses

All College Match scholarship packages:

  • Have NO parental contribution
  • Have NO student loans
  • May contain student work-study and a student summer work contribution

See a glossary of scholarship terms.

The exact scholarship package and terms vary slightly depending on the partner college. Click on a college below to see the financial aid package offered to students who are admitted through the College Match. These numbers are based on costs for the 2013-2014 school year, unless otherwise indicated. Amounts will change slightly from year to year, but as the cost of college increases, the scholarship packages will correspondingly increase.

Amherst College Scripps College
Bowdoin College Stanford University
Brown University Swarthmore College
Caltech Trinity College
Carleton College Tufts University
Colorado College University of Chicago
Columbia University University of Notre Dame
Dartmouth College University of Pennsylvania
Davidson College University of Southern California
Emory University University of Virginia
Grinnell College Vanderbilt University
Haverford College Vassar College
MIT Washington and Lee University
Northwestern University Wellesley College
Oberlin College Wesleyan University
Pomona College Williams College
Princeton University Yale University
Rice University


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