Our Impact

QuestBridge has successfully shaped the lives of the most promising, low-income students in the nation and has helped them unlock billions in scholarships.

The Need

Every year, there are over 30,000 outstanding high school students from low-income backgrounds who are academically qualified to attend the nation’s top colleges. Over 80% of them do not apply to even one selective college, and they remain highly under-represented on leading college campuses.

Many of these promising students assume they can’t afford an education at a top college. Others lack the information about what it takes to apply to a selective college, or simply assume they can’t be admitted.

When low-income students miss the opportunity to apply to and attend great colleges, this has a profound effect on their futures. Many end up reaching below their actual academic potential, or they don't attend college at all. Of those who attend college, some don't graduate.

This vast amount of untapped talent equates to a staggering loss in human potential. Solving the world's problems calls for a diverse, educated society, thus promising students from across the economic spectrum are vital to the wealth and future of our nation-at-large.

Proven Success

Using innovative data methods to target and reach thousands of high-achieving, low-income students, we provide programs that help students reach their fullest potential, which could include attending a top-tier college on a full scholarship. We also provide these students with ongoing resources and a supportive community of Scholars to help them thrive in college and beyond.

Over 96,000

Students served by our programs 

Over 28,000

Students and parents that have attended QuestBridge conferences to kick start their college admissions process

Over 20,000

QuestBridge Scholars and Alumni nationally

Over 12,000

QuestBridge Scholars “matched” to a college partner with a full four-year scholarship


We strive to do even better. QuestBridge is uniquely prepared to support the next generation of high-achieving students from low-income backgrounds find success in their academic pursuits, in their communities, and in their careers.