Finalist Profile

About our 2023 National College Match Finalists

In 2023, out of over 20,800 applications, 6,683 students were selected as National College Match Finalists. Finalists exhibit outstanding academic achievement and qualify financially.

Below are aggregate statistics that represent the characteristics of these National College Match Finalists:


Average GPA: 3.92

Class rank: 86% from the top 10%

Middle 50% SAT score: 1280 - 1470 (if reported)

Middle 50% ACT score: 27 - 33 (if reported)

*Test scores are not required to apply to the National College Match.

Financial profile

Household income under $65,000: 98%

Free or Reduced-Price School Meals: 85% eligible


First-generation to attend a four-year college in the United States: 79%


U.S. Regional Distribution

  • Midwest: 13%
  • Northeast: 24%
  • South: 39%
  • West: 22%
  • Other: 2%


  • U.S. Citizen: 73%
  • U.S. Citizen with Dual Citizenship: 16%
  • U.S. Permanent Resident: 5%
  • Non-Citizen: 5%
  • U.S. Asylee/Refugee: 1%

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