California Institute of Technology


The California Institute of Technology is a research university located about 20 minutes from downtown Los Angeles.  Students at Caltech are known for an extraordinary sense of curiosity and aptitude and interest in science, engineering, and technology.  At the heart of Caltech is the Honor Code, the principle that has guided campus life since its early days. The Honor Code establishes a community of trust and collaboration, allowing students 24-hour access to labs, workshops and other campus facilities.

At Caltech, you’ll take classes through the core curriculum and receive an interdisciplinary education that teaches both the technical and communication skills so you are prepared in any field you pursue. Research and education are also integrated because Caltech believes hands-on learning is the best way to develop your inquisitive mind. Over 50% of students begin conducting research in the laboratory in their first year and over 80% of students participate in undergraduate research opportunities.  Students can also conduct research at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), the only NASA facility that is managed and operated by a university.

While Caltech students display strong talents in STEM, they also exhibit a diverse range of interests beyond the classroom. Students participate in 20 Division III Varsity sports teams, classes and clubs related to the visual and performing arts, community service and outdoor adventures through the Caltech Y, and pranking their fellow students!  An interesting fact about Caltech is that pranks are common practice. The Museum of Hoaxes website published a list of the top 10 college pranks of all time and Caltech is the only school listed twice.  

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