Duke University


Duke is a private research university located in Durham, North Carolina, one of the nation’s best cities to learn, eat, play, and live. With a thriving high-tech community, a flourishing art scene and a food culture rivaling major metropolitan areas, Durham is a great home for Duke University and its students.

The majority of undergraduate students live on campus and all first-year students live together on Duke’s historic East Campus, which fosters a particularly close-knit community.  As a part of this community, Duke students have performed over 1 million hours of community service, created over 400 student clubs and more than 100 arts organizations, received 43 Rhodes Scholarships, and won 130 ACC championships and 17 NCAA team national championships.

At Duke, interdisciplinary study is central to the academic experience. In addition to an extensive range of majors, minors and concentrations, the university offers Program II, an innovative curriculum that gives you flexibility and empowers you to design your own learning experience through research and exploration.

Did you know? The cities of Durham, Raleigh, and Chapel Hill, are known as North Carolina’s Research Triangle, as it boasts one of the largest concentrations of PhD’s, MD’s, and engineers in the world. 

Fun Fact: The Duke Lemur Center is home to the world's largest population of lemurs outside of their native Madagascar.

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