Hamilton College

The QuestBridge Scholars Network at Hamilton

Hamilton started accepting applications during the 2017 National College Match and our first class of QuestBridge Scholars was the class of 2022.

Since our inception, we at QuestBridge have been excited to help our first class of QuestBridge Scholars at Hamilton build a strong community, define their goals, and partner with helpful resources on campus. For instance, we have an amazing support system through our advisors who serve as reference points for the Scholars. Joanne Pluff, Director of Diversity Recruitment and Associate Dean of Admission, along with Maria Genao-Homs, Associate Dean of Diversity and Inclusion, are excellent in the development of our chapter which was not possible without the nurturing of strong relationships.

All Scholars will begin hearing from their President during their transition to college, which is a great time to get connected and involved in chapter leadership.