Rice University

This page will be updated in late summer 2019. 

National College Match Requirements for:

Finalists who rank Rice

Please submit these materials as soon as you are notified you are a Finalist.

College Match Required Application Materials


Rice Supplement to the QuestBridge Application

Detailed information and links to required forms will be e-mailed once Finalist results are announced.


Standardized Testing
SAT code: 6609
ACT code: 4152

Rice University requires all applicants to submit either the SAT or ACT (corresponding writing tests are optional). Two Subject Tests in fields related to the proposed area of study are recommended.

Rice accepts either self-reported or official scores from applicants attending U.S. high schools. First-year applicants who will graduate from high schools outside the U.S. and all transfer applicants will be required to submit an official score report at the time of application. Admitted students who choose to enroll at Rice will be required to submit official test scores prior to matriculation. To be considered official, all scores must be sent directly from the testing organization.


FAFSA code: 003604
Available Oct. 1

US Citizens and Eligible Noncitizens

There is no cost associated with completing the FAFSA.

Rice strongly encourages families to utilize the Data Retrieval Tool to transfer IRS tax return information directly to the FAFSA.


CSS Profile
CSS code: 6609
Available Oct. 1

If your parents own a business or farm:

  • Submit the CSS Profile Business/Farm Supplement.

If your parents are divorced or separated:

  • Each parent must complete a CSS Profile application. We recommended that the student and custodial parent start the CSS Profile application first. Then the noncustodial parent will need to create a College Board account and complete their CSS Profile application.
  • If you do not have any contact with your noncustodial parent, then you may submit a request to waive the requirement of their financial information. Download the Non-Custodial Waiver Form.


A copy of your parents’ 2017 federal income tax returns

Signed, with all schedules, attachments, W-2 forms and other earning statements for both custodial and noncustodial parents (if applicable). Include personal and corporate partnership tax returns. Submit via the College Board IDOC student dashboard.

Please note that after submitting the CSS Profile, College Board will prompt you to upload 2017 taxes via the College Board IDOC student dashboard, which will be available by October. 

Options following the Match

Early Decision

Finalists who do not match may apply Early Decision to Rice.

Applicants interested in Early Decision must complete the Decision Plan Verification Form (available online October 2018) and submit the form by December 4th.

Regular Decision

Follow the instructions below to apply through Regular Decision.

Regular Decision Requirements:

Step 1: Select Rice on the QuestBridge Regular Decision Form on your Application Management page between November 5 - December 10. Only check the box if you fully intend to submit a complete application to Rice (including all of the materials detailed in the table below).

Step 2: Submit all additional required application and financial materials to Rice according to your status by the deadlines listed below. 

Information for Non-Finalists

indicates a required material

Regular Decision Required Application Materials


Finalists who ranked Rice and submitted all materials (but did not match to a binding college)

Finalists who did not rank Rice

Rice Supplement to the QuestBridge Application  
Decision Plan Verification Form
Available Oct. 2018

QuestBridge Midyear Report

Standardized Testing
SAT code: 6609
ACT code: 4152

Only if new scores to report

Regular Decision Required Financial Aid Materials


Finalists who ranked Rice and submitted all materials (but did not match to a binding college)

Finalists who did not rank Rice

2019-2020 FAFSA
FAFSA code: 003604
Available Oct. 1


US Citizens and Eligible Noncitizens

2019-2020 CSS Profile
CSS code: 6609
Available Oct. 1


2017 Federal Tax Returns and W-2 Forms


Contact Information 

Contact Information (for mailing/faxing materials and general questions):

Mail official transcripts and mail or email the Supplement to:
Rice University
Office of Admission, MS-17
PO Box 1892
Houston, TX 77251-1892

Fax or mail federal income tax returns to:
Rice University
Office of Financial Aid, MS-12
Allen Center, Suite 250
6100 Main Street
Houston, TX 77005
Fax: (713) 348-2139

Rice Contacts (regarding QuestBridge applications):
Email: riceapps@rice.edu

Office of Undergraduate Admissions
Office of Financial Aid

Application instructions for QuestBridge applicants to Rice (includes information on submitting applications to the Rice/Baylor Medical Scholars Program, and additional information for music or architecture applicants.)

More information on applying to Rice
More information on applying for financial aid at Rice