Swarthmore College

National College Match Requirements for:

Finalists who rank Swarthmore

Please submit these materials as soon as you are notified you are a Finalist.

College Match Required Application Materials


Official Test Scores
SAT code: 2821
ACT code: 3722

Request official scores from the College Board and/or ACT as soon as you are notified that you are a Finalist. Do NOT use the rush reporting service.

Swarthmore requires either the SAT or the ACT. Swarthmore does not require the optional Essay section of the SAT or the optional Writing section of the ACT. If submitted, scores from those sections will not be considered in the application review. 

Scores from the old and new SAT will be accepted for students applying to enter in the Fall of 2017. Equal consideration will be given to scores from either version of the test. 

Swarthmore does not require SAT Subject Tests, but they will be considered if submitted.  Prospective engineers are strongly encouraged to take the Math Level 2 SAT Subject Test. Read more about Swarthmore's testing policy.

TOEFL or IELTS is strongly encouraged for non-US citizens whose native language is not English and/or who are studying in non-English language curriculums. 

2 Official Transcripts

Transcripts uploaded to the QuestBridge application are accepted as official, or your high school counselor can send transcripts directly to the Admissions Office (see Contact Information below).

Please do not submit duplicate application materials to the Admissions Office. 


CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE
CSS code: 2821
Available: Oct. 1

Complete the CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE online.


A copy of your parents’ 2016 federal income tax returns

Upload to IDOC a copy of your parents' 2016 Federal Income tax returns (signed, including all worksheets and schedules, W-2s, 1099s and any other earnings statements used to file the Federal Tax Return). Upload documents in PDF format, along with this cover sheet to the IDOC service. If your parents have any involvement or interest in a corporation or partnership, a copy of the corporate/partnership tax returns, all worksheets and schedules as well as their Form K1 is required. 


If your parents are divorced or separated:

  • Both biological parents must submit a CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE for their individual household.
  • Your noncustodial parent must also upload PDF copies of their 2016 federal tax returns with all schedules, attachments, W-2 Forms, and other earnings statements to the IDOC services along with this cover sheet.. They should be emailed separately as long as they are accompanied by this cover sheet. You the student must provide the login information to your parents. Contact the College Board with additional questions. 
  • If you do not have any contact with your noncustodial parent, then you may submit a request to waive the requirement of their financial information. Download the Noncustodial Parent Waiver Petition. Additional information may be requested by the Financial Aid Office as files are reviewed. 


2018-2019 FAFSA
Available: Oct. 1

Parents and students should use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool (DRT) to transfer their 2016 IRS tax information from the IRS into their FAFSA. For more information about the DRT process, review this website or contact the financial aid office (see Contact Information below). 

Undocumented and DACA-eligible students are not required to submit the FAFSA.


Arts Supplement

Applicants with especially strong backgrounds and interests in pursing the arts, whether as a major or an extracurricular, are welcome to submit materials in support of their application for admission.

Please use the link below for instructions and to submit supplements through Slideroom. All applicants will need to create an account in Slideroom in order to submit a supplement.

QuestBridge Applicants

QuestBridge Match Applicants should choose "Fall Early Decision" and the specific supplement type. All other QuestBridge applicants should choose their decision plan (Fall Early Decision, Winter Early Decision, or Regular Decision) and the specific supplment type.

Please note that there is no fee for supplements accepted through the links above.

Options following the Match

Early Decision

Finalists who do not match may apply Early Decision to Swarthmore through Early Decision II.

Interested applicants must complete the Swarthmore-QuestBridge Conversion Form (link available soon) and choose the Early Decision plan. Additionally, applicants must submit the Early Decision Agreement form. Swarthmore asks all College Match applicants who plan to apply Early Decision to Swarthmore to also contact them at: questbridge@swarthmore.edu

All documents must be submitted to Swarthmore by January 1 to be considered.

Regular Decision

Follow the instructions below to apply through Regular Decision.

Regular Decision Requirements:

Step 1: Select Swarthmore on the QuestBridge Regular Decision Form on your Application Management page November 6 - December 11. Only check the box if you fully intend to submit a complete application to Swarthmore (including all of the materials detailed in the table below).

Step 2: Submit all additional required application and financial materials to Swarthmore according to your status by the deadlines listed below. 

Information for Non-Finalists

indicates a required material

Regular Decision Required Application Materials


Finalists who ranked Swarthmore and submitted all materials (but did not match to a binding college)

Finalists who did not rank Swarthmore

Common Application or Coalition Application and all supporting documents



Swarthmore-QuestBridge Conversion Form (link available soon)

Official Transcripts

Update including recent grades, including 1st semester grades when available.

Official Test Scores
SAT code: 2821
ACT code: 3722

Only if new scores to report

QuestBridge Midyear Report

Application Fee



Regular Decision Required Financial Aid Materials


Finalists who ranked Swarthmore and submitted all materials (but did not match to a binding college)

Finalists who did not rank Swarthmore

CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE 

CSS code: 2821
Available: Oct. 1


2016 Federal Tax Returns and W-2


Submit via the College Board IDOC service

2018-2019 FAFSA
Available: Oct. 1

Contact Information 

Contact Information (for mailing/faxing materials and general questions):

Mail or email official transcripts to:
Attn: Stacy Jordan
Office of Admissions, Swarthmore College
500 College Avenue
Swarthmore, PA 19081
Email: questbridge@swarthmore.edu

Official transcripts can also be sent via Naviance/Parchment. Please do not submit duplicate application materials to the Admissions Office. Check your Swarthmore Admission Application Status Page to view your checklist of received and missing items. 

Swarthmore Contacts (regarding QuestBridge applications):
Stacy Jordan

Swarthmore Contacts (regarding QuestBridge financial aid applications):

Documents should be submitted in PDF format. Visit your Swarthmore Admission Applicant Status Page to view your Financial Aid Checklist after you receive your login from the Admissions Office in November.

Office of Undergraduate Admissions
Office of Financial Aid

More information on applying to Swarthmore as a QuestBridge applicant.