University of Chicago


The University of Chicago, located in Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood, offers over 100 majors, minors, and areas of specialized study that complement its Core Curriculum, an integrated and interdisciplinary sequence of courses based in small discussions.  UChicago also offers specialized programming such as “Big Problems,” a unique opportunity to tackle matters of global or universal concerns that span across multiple disciplines and interest groups, and the “Careers In...” programs, a series of pre-professional industry programs that provide students with advising, research, and internships in areas such as business, law, STEM, arts, and health professions.

The House system is the center of residential and student life at UChicago.  Each House consists of communities of students who eat together, study and explore Chicago together, and share in their unique House traditions. In addition to the House community, students can fully immerse themselves in over 400 student groups and organizations. Beyond campus, students receive a UChicago Arts Pass and public transit pass, which both allow exploration of Chicago through free admission or reduced ticket prices to museums, cultural venues, and other centers around the city. 

Fun Fact: Since 1987, the University of Chicago has hosted one of the largest scavenger hunts in the world. Spanning four days, Scav is an intense blend of excitement and chaos that has taken students to Canada, Tennessee, and Kansas.

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