University of Notre Dame

QuestBridge Scholars Network at Notre Dame

Welcome to the Notre Dame QSN page! We are pleased to welcome you to our diverse group of students who are thrilled to have you join our family of Fighting IRISH QuestBridge Scholars! At Notre Dame, we uphold the values of integrity, teamwork, leadership in mission, and ethics. As a student and a member of the QSN, you will become part of a campus-recognized organization committed to supporting high-achieving, low-income students who are making a difference right here on campus. With our network of support, transitioning into Notre Dame and building lasting memories and relationships will be a process you do not have to endure alone.

With the support of the admissions office, our chapter can help with the necessities to guide you through your four years here at Notre Dame. We also have a special relationship with the Multicultural Society here on campus to espouse values of diversity and inclusion in all its forms. As a member, you will be part of our Quest Mentoring Program where upperclassmen are paired with underclassmen to advise them during their transition and beyond. As a growing organization on campus, we are excited to start new initiatives and traditions, and we hope that you will join us in this process.

As part of the larger QuestBridge organization, we host several big events throughout the year, including a QuestGiving trip to Chicago to meet up with our fellow Questies at UChicago and Northwestern and a retreat during the winter where we reflect on our time at Our Lady’s University. In between the long nights of hard work and stress, we host study breaks and group gatherings to get your mind off of school work and to relax. But, when it is crunch time, a mentor or friend is just a text or phone call away! Thank you for taking the time to get to know our chapter, and we hope to see you join our community soon!