University of Pennsylvania


First things first: The University of Pennsylvania (aka Penn) is an Ivy League research university founded by Ben Franklin in the heart of Philadelphia.

Penn is a place for people who want to do something big. But it’s also for people for who want to try a bunch of little things first. It’s a place for sparking revolutionary ideas. For pioneering thinkers. And it’s a place that will help you figure out what inspires and excites you. Where you won’t just gain knowledge, you’ll make it. You’ll research solutions, invent ideas, engineer art – all in a culture that’s not about perfection, but about perfecting the pursuit.

The people who love it at Penn? People who are drawn to other people and who are curious about everything. This is the time to figure things out. Try everything that seems worthwhile. You’ll find what truly is.

Sound like the place for you? Then they can’t wait to meet you.

Four Schools, One University. There’s no one path to success at Penn. Penn has four undergraduate schools that each offer unique opportunities, all on one campus. As an applicant, you’ll choose one of Penn's four schools (or coordinated dual-degree programs) to serve as your home base, but you’ll never be limited to just one thing. Begin in one school, take classes in another. Or pursue an Interschool Minor. Or even a second degree.

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