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National College Match Scholarship Package

These numbers are based on costs for the 2017-2018 school year.  Amounts will change slightly from year to year, but as the cost of college increases, the scholarship packages will correspondingly increase.

Annual Cost of Attendance









Books & Supplies








How Costs Are Covered (annually)***



Federal Work-Study


Student Summer Work Contribution


Parent Contribution


Student Savings




*Tuition and fees include: general fee, recreation fee, student health clinical fee, and educational technology fee).

Policy Regarding Outside Scholarships
When you receive an outside scholarship (i.e. scholarships awarded from non-governmental sources outside the University), you will receive a dollar for dollar reduction in the self-help component of your financial aid package. Self-help includes expected savings from summer earnings and work-study. University grant will be reduced only after all self-help has been eliminated. 

Promptly report any scholarship or grants you receive from sources outside the University. 

Reporting scholarship checks and grants: 

  • Email scholarship correspondence as an attachment to or if necessary, mail copies to the Outside Scholarships Office at the address below. 

  • Advise your sponsor to make checks payable to Trustees University of Pennsylvania, to include your name and Penn ID number in the documentation, and to mail the checks to the Outside Scholarships Office at the address below. 

  • If you receive a scholarship check made payable to you or made co-payable to you (i.e. made payable to University of Pennsylvania & [Your Name], endorse (sign) the back of the check before mailing it to the address below. Please make sure your name and Penn ID number are sent with the check. If such checks are not endorsed, they cannot be deposited and credited to your account. 

  • Address:
    Outside Scholarship Office
    Student Financial Services
    University of Pennsylvania
    100 Franklin Buliding
    3451 Walnut Street
    Philadelphia, PA 19104-6270

Policy on Health Insurance
PSIP is the Penn Student Insurance Plan. This health insurance is mandatory for all full-time students who are not covered by private insurance, or whose private insurance does not meet University insurance requirements. 

If you do have private insurance, be sure to submit proof to Student Health Services by their deadline, or you will be automatically enrolled in PSIP. 

For insurance requirements and enrollment information, visit the Student Health Services website. 

Policy on Travel Allowance
**Travel allowance is not separated from the total budget. These additions to the budget are based on your permanent address location. 

Requirements Associated with Maintaining this Award
Students must apply for aid each and every year.

Other Details
Penn is the nation's largest university with a financial aid program that enables all dependent undergraduates eligible for aid to receive grant-based aid packages for eight semesters, regardless of family income. Financial aid awards are comprised of a work-study job and grant only; there are no loans included in a student's financial aid package. Penn makes it possible to graduate debt-free.

***The University covers all determined financial need for QuestBridge Scholars with a package made up of exclusively Penn grant and federal work-study. Your eligibility is determined by considering income, assets, family size, number of dependent children in college or private school and the cost of each school, all taxes paid, and special circumstances. Your student contribution includes a portion of student income from dividends and interest, and savings from summer employment. Penn generally expects continuing QuestBridge Scholars to save $1,800 from your summer earnings. 

University of Pennsylvania’s Financial Aid Overview 

The University of Pennsylvania believes a diverse student body, drawn from a broad range of economic backgrounds, enhances the educational experience of all of its students.

To this end, Penn does not consider an applicant's financial aid status or the family's degree of need in making admissions decisions, meets the full need of all admitted and enrolled students for the duration of their undergraduate career at Penn, and does not include student loans in meeting dependent students' needs.

Penn has a strong commitment to awarding aid only on the basis of financial need, and awards no academic or athletic scholarships. Penn expects each student's family to contribute according to their financial circumstances; expected contributions, based on a comprehensive review of each application, range from $0 to the full cost of education.

Because family situations can often change significantly from year to year, Penn normally re-determines a student's expected family contribution each year. For that reason, QuestBridge students will generally be considered for a four-year Match Scholarship only in those cases where the expected parent contribution is less than $500, and it appears unlikely that it will change over time. As a general rule, the only change in a Match Scholar's expected contribution over their four years will be an annual increase (no more than $100) in the Work-Study component.