University of Pennsylvania

QuestBridge Scholars Network at Penn

Welcome to the Penn QSN Chapter Page! At the University of Pennsylvania, our chapter’s mission is to create a community for QuestBridge Scholars on our campus, one that fosters engagement with the community and with one another. We are recognized by the university and frequently collaborate with other groups who cater to first generation/low-income students. We have a very close relationship with the Green Field Intercultural Center (GIC), where we usually house our events and receive an overwhelming amount of support in our efforts to make Scholars feel welcomed at Penn. Our faculty mentor is Valerie De Cruz, the director of the GIC.

Our chapter has a close relationship with the admissions office, student financial services, and the Vice President of University Life. We have worked to create a strong relationship with these offices in order to understand how to be the most successful in our undergraduate careers. Together we collaborate on ideas to make navigating Penn easier for Questies.

We also host a lot of events to help foster community, including post-card making sessions, study breaks, and hangouts. Our most successful event by far is National Quest Day. This annual gathering is a staple of our community. We hope you’ll join our chapter and be a part of all these great events!