Vassar College


Vassar was built to advance the notion of what a liberal arts college can be. They empower students to explore widely, delve deeply, and investigate every new idea with an open mind. Through their open curriculum, you’ll find the freedom and flexibility to embrace the subjects you’re most passionate about and let them shape the course of your education.

Fostering real connections is key to creating an environment of dialogue and understanding, and that’s no different when it comes to student-faculty interaction. Since there are no teaching assistants or graduate student instructors at Vassar, you will get to know your professors and they will get to know you. You’ll have access to hands-on, mentored research and internship opportunities that will enable you to learn, lead, and improve the world around you.

Vassar will help shape the path of your life; and along that journey, there’s no need to lose sight of who you are. Vassar aims to create a space that can be inclusive of all perspectives and backgrounds through their philosophy of engaged pluralism. Through engaged pluralism, Vassar strives to give every voice a platform because it's those differences that make their community strong.

Fun fact: In 1969, Vassar was one of the first colleges in the country to establish a Black Studies program, which is now called Africana Studies. The program offers both a major and a minor.

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