Vassar College


Vassar is a liberal arts college located about two hours north of New York City. As part of a liberal arts education, Vassar offers an open curriculum, allowing you great flexibility and ownership of your academic experience. Choose from among 1,000 courses, 51 majors, 7 interdisciplinary programs, 11 multi-disciplinary programs, or design your own course of study. You’ll also have the opportunity to work very closely with faculty throughout your studies. 

Vassar is bustling with activities beyond the classroom. With over 1,000 campus-wide events and 150 student clubs and organizations, Vassar students have much to discover and explore. Since over 98% of students live on campus, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to get to know a diverse group of students within your house, the term Vassar uses to refer to residence dorms. Most students stay in the same house for all four years and build lasting relationships to form a cohesive community.

Fun fact: Indulging in Vassar Devils, a scrumptious treat, is a rite of passage for students. This dessert is made of a square of chocolate devil’s food cake, vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, and marshmallow sauce. 

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