Washington and Lee University


Washington and Lee is a private, liberal arts university nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. W&L supports the education of the whole person and values students who are intellectually curious, eager to engage with their communities, inclined to critical thinking and prepared to lead lives of consequence. 

W&L’s curriculum combines the traditional liberal arts with professional programs including business, accounting, journalism, engineering and law, and interdisciplinary programs including ethics, poverty studies, legal studies and entrepreneurship. Students enjoy small classes and develop strong relationships with professors who serve as mentors, advisors, and research partners.

W&L’s campus in Lexington, Virginia provides easy access to outdoor recreation, while more than 170 clubs and organizations allow students to engage in the tight-knit campus community. W&L’s career development programs and alumni network ensure students have opportunities to pursue internships and careers in cities around the world. W&L is proud of their friendly and supportive community built on the foundation of an honor system that is entirely student-run, and values a diversity of perspectives. 

Many things, like the innovative Spring Term, make W&L unique. At the end of each academic year, students participate in an intensive four-week course exploring a topic of interest. Imagine studying African American literature in Paris, volcanic geology in Hawaii, or American politics on Capitol Hill. The goal of Spring Term is for students to proclaim: “this course changed my life.”

Dive in at W&L to broaden your perspective, enrich your education and lend depth to your experience.

Fun Fact: For over a century, W&L students have replicated the national convention of the party out of power in the White House every four years. Today, W&L’s Mock Convention is the most accurate and realistic mock presidential nominating convention in the nation. Most of the student body participates in each “Mock Con”, serving as state delegates, research leads or float designers for the parade down Main Street.

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