We rely on high school educators to help us identify, recruit, and support students in applying to college through QuestBridge. In addition to sharing our outreach materials with your students, here's what you can do:

What We Do

QuestBridge is a nationally recognized nonprofit organization that connects academically outstanding students from low-income backgrounds with opportunities at top colleges.

The QuestBridge path to college begins with the College Prep Scholars Program, which helps high school juniors become strong applicants to top colleges. In their senior year, students can apply to the National College Match, an admissions process that connects students with admission and full four-year scholarships or generous financial aid at QuestBridge’s college partners.

Students admitted to a college partner through the National College Match join the QuestBridge Scholars Network, which provides them with engagement opportunities and a supportive community on campus and nationwide. After graduation, the QuestBridge Alumni Association provides additional opportunities to support students to achieve success in their careers and communities.

Counselor Resources

Counselors are in an ideal position to assist students in applying to college. Use these resources to support them.

Recommender Resources

Find out how recommendations are submitted and what makes them stand out.

Refer a student

Refer as many students as you think qualify. We will reach out to them with further information, and they can opt-out at any time.