QuestBridge Emergency Fund Application

The QuestBridge Emergency Fund application is open year-round and awards funding on a rolling basis. We are committed to responding to each funding request within four weeks of submission. Applicants are eligible to apply once per year and awards are granted for a maximum of $300. Funding varies based on donations and may not always be available. 

All application information will be held in complete confidence, with only aggregate, de-identified information potentially shared to further fundraising efforts. Contact information will be utilized to ensure that each applicant is currently a QuestBridge Scholar or a QuestBridge Alum.

If you plan to apply, please review the information below to ensure that you submit a thorough and complete application. For any questions, review our FAQ or reach out directly at

Who the Fund Supports

All Scholars (National College Match Finalists who are enrolled at college partners through the Match, Regular or Early Decision process) and QuestBridge Alumni (National College Match Finalists who graduated from college partners) are eligible to apply.

Definition of an Emergency

We define an emergency as an unplanned, unavoidable expense that puts significant financial pressure on QuestBridge Scholars or Alumni, and threatens their health, security, or ability to continue attending school. The requested funding should be primarily for the applicant, and all other financial resources need to be exhausted in order to be eligible.

Not every emergency expense will be considered eligible for funding, but we encourage applicants to submit the expenses they need support with for consideration. Below are examples of typically eligible and ineligible expenses. 

Likely Eligible Costs

  • Urgent medical expenses not covered by insurance, such as eyeglass replacement, hearing aids, dental emergencies, etc.
  • Insurance deductibles
  • Transportation due to a medical or domestic emergency
  • Transportation to travel to an immediate family member in a dire situation
  • Emergency childcare
  • Replacing or replenishing basic necessities due to natural disaster, fire, flood, or theft
  • Safety-related costs due to domestic violence or natural disaster (lock changing, temporary hotel stay, etc.)

Likely Ineligible Costs

  • Costs that the Scholars’ college may cover through financial aid, such as books or regular travel
  • School supplies
  • Parking tickets
  • Fees (late, overdraft, testing, legal, etc.)
  • Expected expenses such as rent

We strongly suggest that you review the FAQ section before beginning an application. You are also encouraged to reach out directly to with any questions. 

Tips for Your Application

  • Make sure that your application includes everything that is relevant to your request so that there are no delays in processing it. 
  • As you will read within the application, you will need some sort of documentation to explain your cost. If you fail to submit the required documentation then your application will be denied. Due to tax requirements, we must have evidence of how the money was/will be used.

How to Apply

Once you are fully prepared, you can submit a QuestBridge Emergency Fund Application.

If you are unable to log in, you may complete this request form to receive a unique link to the application once your identity is verified.