Scholarships to College Summer Programs

Full Scholarships to Summer Programs at Top Colleges

QuestBridge partners with top colleges to offer select College Prep Scholars the opportunity to take college-level courses at a top-tier university and learn more about the college experience. These scholarships offer high-achieving students from low-income backgrounds a special chance to experience life beyond high school and to learn more about the experience of attending a selective college.

Scholarships cover the full cost of travel, tuition, room and board, and supplies.

Students will:

  • Learn, study, and write at the college level with students from around the country.
  • Attend classes and experience what university level classes are like first-hand.
  • Develop connections with and get to know professors.
  • Learn more about college life and the extensive resources top colleges offer to support students from low-income backgrounds. 

For the 2023 College Prep Scholars Program, scholarships will be offered for both residential and virtual programs. The format of each program is indicated below.

To ensure the health and safety of students and staff, applicants who are selected to attend a summer program must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or have a valid medical or religious exemption and must adhere to the program's health and safety policies.

Carleton College

Carleton College Summer Liberal Arts Institute: Computer Science >>


July 9 – 28, 2023 (Northfield, MN)

During three weeks at the Summer Liberal Arts Institute, students will learn how to systematically approach problems like a computer scientist through classroom learning, lab activities, and collaborative guided research directed by college faculty with mentorship by undergraduate research assistants. The program culminates with a research symposium where students demonstrate the results of their work to each other and the broader community.

Emory University

Pre-College Program >>

Residential and Virtual

Session A: June 18 - July 1, 2023 (Atlanta, GA) 
Session B: July 2 - July 15, 2023 (Atlanta, GA) 
Session C: July 16 - July 29, 2023 (Atlanta, GA)
Session C (Online): July 17 - July 28, 2023 (Virtual)

Students enroll in an intensive two-week course,  selecting from a wide variety of options, including Chemistry of the Brain, Thinking Like a Lawyer, Social Justice and the Impact of Social Media, and more. Students also participate in College 101, sessions that prepare them for the college application and admissions processes. These presentations and student-led panels are designed to help equip high school students to understand and prioritize what to look for in a college. Through co-curricular activities, students will also have the opportunity to make global friendships and participate in a university community.

Rice University

National Youth Leadership Forum: Medicine (through Envision) >>


July 19 - July 27, 2023 (Houston, TX)

This intensive program is well-suited for students who wish to gain a holistic perspective of the medical profession and industry and is designed to give students an opportunity to step into the shoes of a physician and gain transformational medical career knowledge. Through various true-to-life simulations and clinical skills rotations, students will be exposed to an interactive curriculum that allows them to gain insight into the life of a healthcare provider. Students will learn from prominent leaders, educators, and physicians through keynote sessions and small-group seminars, and will also participate in medical school and site visits.

Stanford University

Intensive Law & Trial (through Envision) >>


Session I: June 28 - July 7, 2023 (Palo Alto, CA)  
Session II: July 9 - July 18, 2023 (Palo Alto, CA) 
Session III: July 20 - July 29, 2023 (Palo Alto, CA) 
Session IV: July 31 - August 9, 2023 (Palo Alto, CA)

During this ten-day program, students explore all facets of a career in law. Students learn from legal professionals including Stanford Law School professors, participate in a competitive mock trial simulation, discuss the practice of law, legal rhetoric, and ethics, and develop leadership and public speaking skills.

University of Chicago

Immersion >>


July 5 - July 21, 2023 (Chicago, IL)

Students experience in-depth learning through coursework in Developmental Psychology, Infectious Diseases, the Politics of Social Media, Fairy Tales and the Construction of Childhood, and more during this three-week program. Students will collaborate with their peers, have the opportunity to conduct observational studies or design their own research experiments, and participate in other activities outside of the classroom.

Summer Online >>


July 5 - August 4, 2023

During this five-week virtual program, students are offered a variety of different course options, such as Evolution: From Science to Science Fiction, The Psychology of Communication, and Making Art in the Age of the Internet. All classes are designed to make the most of online resources and activities, and students will be encouraged to immerse themselves in the program through engaging in class discussions, taking part in group projects, and getting to know peers from all over the world.

University of Notre Dame

Leadership Seminars >>


July 22 - August 2, 2023 (Notre Dame, IN)

During this ten-day program, students will work with Notre Dame faculty in small class settings. They will be encouraged to enhance their critical thinking, research, and presentation skills while focusing on complex global issues, such as race, financial literacy, and the environment. Outside of the classroom, students will participate in organized activities, such as ice skating and open mic night while also being encouraged to dive into community service projects in the local community.

Summer Scholars >>


Session I: June 10 - June 24, 2023 (Notre Dame, IN)
Session II: July 1 - July 15, 2023 (Notre Dame, IN)

For about two weeks, students will participate in an academic track within a wide range of exciting fields, from STEM to fine arts. During Summer Scholars, students not only collaborate with faculty and peers to tackle rigorous coursework, but also take part in various extracurricular activities designed to connect and engage all participants. Through this program, students will be able to grow personally and academically as they learn from students all over the country.

University of Pennsylvania

Management & Technology Summer Institute >>


July 9 - July 29, 2023 (Philadelphia, PA)

The Management & Technology Summer Institute (M&TSI) is a highly challenging, fast-paced college course that prepares students with the skills needed to link technology and management concepts within three weeks. Through interdisciplinary studies, students will get to explore engineering and business concepts while being exposed to potential career paths within each field.  

Washington University in St. Louis

Exploration Course in The Biological Basis for Human Disease >>


June 19 - July 7, 2023

WashU's exploration course in The Biological Basis for Human Disease is an opportunity for students to get to know peers around the world and work with experienced faculty while experiencing college-level learning from home. This exploration course is perfect for any student interested in building a foundational framework to better understand the pathophysiology of human disease, incorporating elements of molecular biology, genetics, microbiology, immunology, and pathology. Through discussions, lectures, and optional office hours each week, students will gain an in-depth knowledge of the biology of human health and disease.

Exploration Course in Cancer Biology >>


July 17 - August 17, 2023

Through this online course in Cancer Biology, students will be able to experience WashU from home while participating in interactive lectures with peers around the world. Students will get to know professors through discussions, lectures, and optional office hours each week. The Cancer Biology course is ideal for any student interested in learning about cancer from a variety of different perspectives, from epidemiology to therapeutics, with a focus on prevention and control. Students will explore new research, cutting edge treatments, and clinical trials to better understand the complex nature of the disease.

Healthcare Continuum Institute >>


July 16 - 29, 2023 (St. Louis, MO)

The Healthcare Continuum Institute is an enriching program designed to spark new ideas, energize writing and research, and open students up to a new perspective. The program will cover a wide range of topics, with a goal of allowing students to view healthcare with a broader lens, rather than just clinical medicine. Participants will build on their knowledge of biology and public health, applying their knowledge to case studies, group work, and examples of real challenges faced by the healthcare system. Outside of class, students will be offered a number of enriching activities and will spend time socializing, studying, and exploring St. Louis.

Yale University

Yale Young Global Scholars Program >>


Innovations in Science & Technology 
Literature, Philosophy, & Culture
Politics, Law, & Economics
Solving Global Challenges

Session I: June 18 - June 30, 2023 (New Haven, CT)  
Session II: July 2 - July 14, 2023 (New Haven, CT)  
Session III: July 16 - July 28, 2023 (New Haven, CT)

At this two-week academic program, students study the worlds of politics, economics, humanities, law, international relations, and STEM. The sessions give high school students opportunities to understand contemporary global issues, strategize responses, and find innovative solutions while learning from renowned practitioners and Yale faculty.