National College Match: Dates And Deadlines

Please check back soon for updated information about the 2022 National College Match.

The important dates and deadlines for the 2021 National College Match are listed below. All deadlines occur at 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time.

2021 National College Match




Late summer

National College Match application opens.

Eligible high school seniors

September 28

National College Match application is due.

Eligible high school seniors

September 29

Research our college partners and rank up to 12 schools through the Match Rankings Form, which is available for submission from September 29 - October 14 on the student's Manage page.

All applicants

October 14

The Match Rankings Form is due. The Match Agreement Form (available after submitting Match Rankings Form) is also due October 14. It must be signed by the applicant, their parent/guardian, and school counselor, and uploaded to the Manage page.

All applicants

October 19

Finalist decisions released on the Manage page.

Finalists who ranked colleges continue with their Match Requirements.

Non-Finalists should proceed on their own with college applications.

All applicants

November 1

Match Requirements must be submitted to the college partners the student ranked.

Finalists who ranked colleges

November 3

The QuestBridge Regular Decision Form becomes available on the Manage page. Finalists can begin to select colleges they wish to apply to if not matched or if not participating in the Match.

All Finalists

December 1

Match Day! Match results released through the Manage page.

Finalists who match are admitted early with a full four-year scholarship to the school they matched with and must withdraw all other applications.

*Finalists who do not match can check their options following the Match for the schools they ranked and/or continue with QuestBridge Regular Decision.

Finalists who ranked colleges

December 12

QuestBridge Regular Decision Form is due.

Finalists who did not match

January - February 2022 (various deadlines)

Additional Regular Decision Requirements must be submitted to each of the colleges the student selected on their QuestBridge Regular Decision Form by the colleges' Regular Decision deadlines.

Finalists participating in QuestBridge Regular Decision

Spring 2022

Admissions decisions are sent out by the colleges for QuestBridge Regular Decision applicants.

Finalists participating in QuestBridge Regular Decision

Fall 2022

Any Finalist who attends a college partner through the Match or QuestBridge Regular Decision joins the QuestBridge Scholars Network.

Finalists attending a college partner

*Please note: Because all our college partners have extremely competitive admissions processes, Finalists who do not match should also apply to a range of target and likely non-QuestBridge colleges where they are confident they can be admitted.