Quest for Excellence: New Americans

The Quest for Excellence New Americans Award is a new offering from QuestBridge for high-achieving, low-income students who immigrated to the United States, or whose parents immigrated to United States. This award honors students who grew up in families that moved away from their country of origin, and made the United States their new home. We encourage eligible students from any country and any academic interest to apply. In our selection process, we will be looking for students who show strong potential to be admitted to one of the nation’s top colleges, and who demonstrate exceptional academic and personal achievement, depth of character, and thoughtful written reflections on their experiences as a first- or second-generation American. The Quest for Excellence New Americans Award is made possible through the generosity of several donors.

College Prep Scholars selected for the Quest for Excellence New Americans Award will receive:

  • Reimbursement for upcoming college application fees, including standardized testing and official test score reports (up to $100) AND
  • A new laptop (up to $700) OR
  • Coverage in travel costs to QuestBridge college partners (up to $700) OR
  • A full scholarship to the online Pioneer Academics Research Program*

*The Pioneer Academics Research Program offers college-level research opportunities to exceptional, motivated high school students globally. Selected students work one-on-one with leading professors in cutting-edge study of their interests, culminating in original research and authoritative evaluations from their professors. The Program is conducted entirely online, allowing high school students from all over the world to participate. Students from 22 countries researching more than 20 academic areas have participated in the Program in the past five years.


  • High school juniors who are immigrants themselves, or children of immigrants to the United States.
  • U.S. Citizens, Permanent Residents, or undocumented students living permanently in one of the 50 United States or U.S. territories.
  • Qualified academically and financially as a QuestBridge College Prep Scholar.

How to Apply

  1. Start a College Prep Scholars Program application. 
  2. If eligible, in the “Awards” page of the application, go to the Quest for Excellence Awards section and select the box under "New Americans".
  3. Complete the Quest for Excellence New Americans Award short essays.  
  4. Complete and submit the College Prep Scholars Program application by the deadline (Wednesday, March 21, 2018).

If selected as a College Prep Scholar, recipients of the Quest for Excellence New Americans Award will be notified via email. If you have additional questions about the Quest for Excellence New Americans Award, please send inquiries to