Student Resource Center

Welcome to the QuestBridge Student Resource Center! We provide dedicated information to equip high-achieving, low-income students for the college admissions process. We hope these resources, including our Student Resource Center Workbook, will be helpful when applying to the College Prep Scholars Program as a junior and/or the National College Match as a senior.

Preparing for College

Preparing for college begins as early as freshman year. Explore how you can have a successful high school career:

  • College Prep Scholars Program

  • Grade-specific checklists 

  • Choosing high school classes 

  • Standardized tests

  • How to use your summers



Applying for College

College admissions can be a daunting journey, but it doesn’t have to be. Get practical advice about important pieces of the process: 

  • The National College Match

  • Researching colleges

  • Recommendations

  • Activities

  • Writing college application essays

  • College admissions glossary



Paying for College

Attending a top college is possible for low-income students. Discover and understand how your education can be financed: 

  • Financial aid overview

  • Financial aid at top colleges

  • College partner net price calculators

  • Financial aid glossary