Student Resource Center

While many college resources exist, none are exclusively dedicated to addressing the issues that a smart, motivated low-income high school student faces in applying to college. QuestBridge's Student Resource Center does exactly that.

Since 1994, QuestBridge has helped thousands of high-achieving, low-income students achieve their college dreams. We have developed resources aimed to help you prepare for and succeed in college.

Below is a quick summary of what you'll find in each section:

Preparing for College

Preparing for college starts as early as 9th grade -- well before your senior year in high school. We'll help you: Choose the right classes, use your summers wisely, plan out your standardized tests and more. 

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Applying to College

Applying to college is not as straightforward as it should be. You’ll need to create the right college list, ask for recommendations, and write exceptional college essays. 

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Paying for College

As a low-income student, we want you to understand that attending a top college can be possible with the help of financial aid. 

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Student Stories

Meet some of our QuestBridge Scholars and learn how they paved their way to an education at a top college.

High School Juniors

Apply to the College Prep Scholars Program, and get an early advantage in the college admissions process.

High School Seniors

Apply to the National College Match, and get matched to top colleges with a full scholarship.