Paying For College

Applying for financial aid can connect you with immense resources for higher education. Though the forms are long and detailed, it is important to fill them out meticulously and submit them as early as possible.

The following resources provide a rough overview of the financial aid application process. We recommend that you seek additional information by talking with your school counselor and carefully reading publications from college financial aid offices.

We also recommend that you begin with our page on understanding financial aid to get a basic understanding of how things work.

Understanding Financial Aid

The amount of financial aid will vary per college, depending on each college's ability to meet your financial need.

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Financial Aid Glossary

Important terms you should know when learning about the cost of attending college.

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Financial Aid at Top Colleges

How can selective colleges be less expensive to attend than public or community colleges? We show you how this is possible.

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Net Price Calculators

Don't just look at the "sticker price" of a college - use a net price calculator to get a clearer picture of what you can actually afford.

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Outside Scholarships

Top colleges can offer excellent financial aid, but we recommend applying for additional scholarships as well - funds that do not need to be repaid.

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