College Resources

To make the most of your college experience, we recommend taking advantage of college resources. They are often free of charge, and will help you develop a supportive community on campus. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and seek support. There is a team of people ready to help!

Academic Resources

Academics in college are not like academics in high school. Many Scholars experience being challenged by the rigor of their coursework. Remember, you are not expected to thrive without help. Make the most of other's support.

  • Tutoring services: All QuestBridge college partners have tutoring resources, a math and science resource center, or a writing center. Colleges often pay students to serve in these programs, thereby providing you with free academic support and the opportunity to apply to be a peer tutor as part of a campus work experience.
  • Office hours: One of the most obvious yet underused resources are your professors. They know how to advise you on any academic questions you may have. Walk in during office hours or email them. It is a good idea to begin to develop close bonds with your professors because they may write strong letters of recommendation when you apply to graduate schools, internships, or jobs.
  • Deans: Deans are great resources. They are there to assist you in personalizing your college experience. They love to hear about your interests and achievements both in and out of the classroom. If you need advice finalizing your course load, declaring a major, or if you feel your academic workload is overwhelming during a particular term, a dean can help you make the academic decision that is best for you.

Wellness Resources

In college, you have more agency to determine how you spend your time. As you explore new opportunities and challenges, prioritizing self-care practices will be essential to achieve your goals and stay at your best. You have campus resources to help you. 

  • Counseling centers: Familiarize yourself with your campus counseling center, even if you do not need their services at the moment. Take note of what resouces and events they offer and know how to make an appointment. It  will be helpful should you ever decide you need support.

  • Health insurance: For questions about insurance and health care costs, be sure to review your financial aid package and ask your Financial Aid Office. It is a good idea to have clarity on what your plan offers and what health centers are available to you early on each academic year.
  • Fitness options: College campuses offer a variety of fitness-related resources and opportunities. Whether it’s fitness centers, sport teams, or outdoor clubs, explore different ways to stay active, meet new people, and take care of yourself!

Your QSN Chapter

Learn from other Scholars on campus. You have a wonderfully supportive QSN Chapter willing and ready to share what they've learned. Ask fellow Questies what resources they've found helpful. Doing this will make it easier for you to access support in the future.​ They may have tips or ideas for how to find local resources, support for moving costs, funds for travel expenses, laptop rentals and repair, and so much more!