Developing Career Goals

College is your time to explore multiple career paths and acquire the skills to best prepare you for your future. It's important to take time to reflect on your expertise, interests, and passions because the intersection of these areas can help point you in the right direction on your career path. Here are some ways to get you started:

Reflect on your strengths

Set aside dedicated time to fill out our Career Guidance worksheet, which has thought-provoking questions posed by QuestBridge Co-Founder Ana McCullough.

Career Experts on your campus

Check out the career services offered on campus to learn about workshops, internships, networking sessions, and more.

Get advice from those on a similar career path

Reach out to QuestBridge alumni, professors, mentors, and career advisers and ask them about the path that led them to their jobs. Watch this video from QuestBridge Scholar, Calvin Nguyen (Emory '12) on how to bring up QuestBridge in an interview. You should absolutely have QuestBridge on your resume!