QuestBridge Scholars Network

Our Mission

The QuestBridge Scholars Network (QSN) is composed of QuestBridge National College Match Finalists and their peers currently enrolled in an undergraduate program at any of our QuestBridge college partners through the Match, Regular Decision, or other admissions processes. This national community aims to support members through multiple levels of engagement, including self engagement towards holistic growth and network engagement with the QSN community.

Our Core Values

Self Engagement: Awareness of a framework of wellbeing and engagement in all aspects of holistic growth.

Network Engagement: Awareness of the opportunities to contribute to the QuestBridge community and engage in activities that best serve you.

Our History

The QSN was formally launched in 2009 to recognize the achievements of our Scholars and to create on-campus communities of students that support one another academically and socially. 

Rooted in social and intellectual engagement, the QuestBridge mission has been to increase access to education across the socioeconomic spectrum. The ultimate goal is to find common ground upon which QuestBridge Scholars can nourish their potential to become outstanding individuals with the ability to effect meaningful change within themselves and their communities.

Campus Chapters

Find contact information for the QSN Chapter leadership team on each campus.


We offer several programs exclusively for QuestBridge Scholars, such as serving as a QSN Chapter President, Conference Volunteer, and more.

Student Resources

We provide tips and resources to help you navigate your college or professional life with increased confidence.