National Service Month

QuestBridge Celebrates Civic Engagement: March 2021

QuestBridge is proud to continue our tradition of fostering civic engagement, a core value of the QSN mission, for our 5th Annual National Service Month. Over the last four years, QuestBridge Scholars and Alumni have served almost 2,500 community members!

We know it's not always easy for busy college students to participate in civic engagement, especially with social distancing measures. That is why we’ve been so impressed to see and hear that despite the challenges, interest in service hasn’t diminished. This year, QuestBridge wants to celebrate the wonderful contributions Scholars and Alumni have made to their communities, and offer new, safe, and virtual opportunities to give back. 

Virtual Service Opportunities

Here are four ways to virtually engage in service during March:

  • Offer words of encouragement: Call or text high school juniors and encourage them to complete their College Prep Scholars Program application. Sign up to receive our Outreach Guide and access an online Volunteer Portal.
  • Share your QuestBridge story: Conduct a virtual presentation at a high school. Review our website for all the materials you need. 
  • Support students in the college application process: Inspire high school juniors at our National College Admissions Conferences and during other pivotal moments in their journey. We will share more details about this opportunity in early March.
  • Receive funding for an unpaid internship: Apply for funding to subsidize an unpaid summer internship in the nonprofit or public service sector by reviewing our application process on the QSN Internship Grant website.

Celebrate Scholars in Service

We want to shine a light on the causes meaningful to our network. Throughout this challenging year, Scholars and Alumni found creative and caring ways to support each other and their community. We are thrilled to honor these efforts during this year’s National Service Month celebration.

Nominate a Scholar (a peer or yourself!) who participated in civic engagement this past year. Here are some relevant examples:

  • Taking care of vulnerable community or family members
  • Organizing fundraising efforts
  • Serving on the leadership team of a student organization
  • Volunteering at phone banks or through letter-writing campaigns
  • Or any other initiative in service of others!

Take five minutes to submit the QSN Civic Engagement Nomination Form anytime in March

Look Back at Prior Years

While this year’s celebrations look different from anything we’ve done before, we love looking back at the rich tradition we’ve built. 

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