National Service Month

QuestBridge Celebrates Civic Engagement: March 2021

For our 5th Annual National Service Month, QuestBridge was proud to continue our tradition of fostering civic engagement, a core value of the QSN mission.

Every year we are impressed by the commitment to service that our Scholars demonstrate. This year, with its many challenges, it is especially important that we look to these stories of civic engagement as inspiration for a brighter future.

We saw many examples of Scholars volunteering their valuable time for initiatives related to the environment, poverty, health, immigration, human rights, education, and the arts, to name a few. We were so moved by the creative and caring ways you supported each other and your communities and are thrilled to honor these efforts during this year’s National Service Month celebration.

Enjoy our 2021 National Service Month Facebook Album and Instagram Highlight Reel!

A Look Back at Prior Years

While this year’s celebrations look different from anything we’ve done before, we love looking back at the rich tradition we’ve built. 

2017 National Service Month Photos 

2018 National Service Month Photos 

2019 National Service Month Photos 

2020 National Service Month Photos & Alumni Highlights