We are excited to offer various opportunities that will enable QuestBridge Scholars to give back to and engage with their community on campus and beyond. If you are interested in applying to any of our opportunities, check your email inbox for updates. You can keep your contact preferences up to date on your QuestBridge Profile

QSN Chapter Presidents

The QSN Chapter President serves as the main connection between QuestBridge Scholars on campus and the national QuestBridge office. By volunteering your time to represent your chapter, you can develop a range of skills and make a positive impact on the QSN.

For existing chapters, the President selection process is led by the current QSN Chapter leadership team. Contact your QSN Chapter President to ask specific questions about campus leadership opportunities.


QuestBridge Scholars currently enrolled at one of our college partners are invited to apply to be QuestBridge Ambassadors. Representing QuestBridge and their campus, Ambassadors share their experiences about applying to and attending college as a QuestBridge Scholar. 

The QuestBridge Ambassador application is now closed. 

Share Your QuestBridge Story

If you are motivated to conduct a virtual presentation at a high school, you can visit this Presentation Checklist for resources. We appreciate your excitement to share your QuestBridge story and support high school students in their college journeys.

QuestBridge Careers Fellowship

The QuestBridge Careers Fellowship is a transformative program for second-year QuestBridge Scholars that centers on self-knowledge, career exploration, and community engagement. Through this program, Fellows gain insight into their strengths, expand their skill sets to navigate their path from college to career, and prepare to be changemakers who create lives they love.