Share Your QuestBridge Story

Hello QuestBridge Scholars and Alumni!

Thank you for your interest in volunteering your time to support the QuestBridge mission. We appreciate your excitement to share your QuestBridge story in support of high school students and their college success. 

Here is how you can participate:

Before your virtual presentation

  1. Use this email template to reach out to your own high school or local high school. Keep these tips in mind when scheduling your presentation:
    • Give your contact several weeks' advance notice and multiple dates and times you are available to make a virtual presentation.
    • Be mindful of time zone differences, and make sure to specify your time zone in your email communication. 
  2. Download and practice this presentation
  3. Review our presentation checklist.

During your virtual presentation

  1. Have your presentation loaded on your computer desktop. 
  2. Arrive 5-10 minutes early to test your camera and audio settings.
  3. Encourage interested students to sign-up for updates through our high school student mailing list.
  4. Direct students to these QuestBridge materials for the most up to date information.

After your virtual presentation

  1. Follow up with your high school contact by sending a thank you email. If they would like more educator resources, you can share this Student Outreach Toolkit.
  2. Feel free to tell the QSN Team about your experience by emailing Answer any of these questions: 
    • What motivated you to volunteer to make a presentation about QuestBridge?
    • What was the most meaningful aspect of your presentation experience?
    • What pleasantly surprised you about your presentation experience?

Thank you once again for your dedication to supporting the QuestBridge mission!