Amherst College FAQ

How does the QuestBridge National College Match Process work for Amherst?

If you are a Finalist and have chosen to rank Amherst as one of your college choices, QuestBridge will forward your application to Amherst along with the supporting documents.  

The National College Match Program is binding for Amherst. 

Does Amherst waive the application fee for QuestBridge applicants?

Amherst will only waive the application fee for those using their QuestBridge application to apply.

I am a QuestBridge Finalist and have ranked Amherst as one of my college choices.  What application materials do I have to submit to complete my application for the Match Program? 

We require the following materials to complete your application.  Most of these materials are included in your QuestBridge application.  You should only forward those that are not included with your app by mail or email. If emailing materials, please reference QuestBridge in your email. 

  • QuestBridge Application
  • School Report/Counselor Recommendation
  • Official 3-year Transcript (emailed or mailed by counselor)
  • Official Standardized testing - SAT I or the ACT with essay (sent directly from the College Board/ACT). Amherst recommends the Writing/Essay section of the SAT or the ACT. 
  • Two Teacher Recommendations
  • International applicants can review additional application requirements on our website.

If you are not matched during the College Match and wish to apply under either Early Decision or Regular Decision, additional materials are required. Your materials should be emailed or mailed to Amherst. If emailing materials, please reference QuestBridge in your email. If you submitted an application to Amherst as a Finalist, you will automatically be considered for Regular Decision unless you contact Amherst and request to withdraw your application. 

Will Amherst accept the QuestBridge Application in place of the Common Application?

Yes, Amherst will accept the QuestBridge Application in place of the Common Application.  We prefer that you use your QuestBridge Application when applying to Amherst.

I am a QuestBridge applicant to Amherst but still want to submit my Common Application, how do I send it to Amherst?

Amherst prefers that you use your QuestBridge Application and strongly discourage you from submitting the Common Application online. 

I am a Questbridge Finalist who ranked Amherst as one of my College Match schools but was not matched to Amherst.  May I apply Early Decision? What are the requirements?

Yes, you may apply Early Decision.  Amherst requires a couple additional application materials to be sent and to complete your application. These should be mailed or emailed to us.

  • Early Decision Agreement for Amherst
  • Amherst QuestBridge Writing Supplement 
  • First Marking Period Grades (when available from your school)

I am a QuestBridge Finalist but did not rank Amherst as one of my College Match schools; may I still apply to Amherst? What are my application options?

Yes, you may still apply to Amherst.  Amherst prefers that you use the QuestBridge Application.  You will need to follow the Regular Decision instructions and deadlines that QuestBridge requires. 

In addition to the QuestBridge Application you will have to submit the following additional materials to complete a Regular Decision application to Amherst:

  • Amherst Supplement
  • First Marking Period Grades
  • Mid-Year Report
  • Mid-Year Grades

If I am QuestBridge Non-Finalist but still wish apply to Amherst, can I use my QuestBridge application? As a QuestBridge Non-Finalist what are my application options for Amherst?

Yes, you may use your QuestBridge application to apply to Amherst.  You are able to apply to Amherst either Early or Regular Decision adhering to normal deadlines and requirements for applying.  You must notify QuestBridge in order for your QB application to be forwarded to Amherst. 

I am an international student.  May I apply for the National College Match to Amherst?

Yes, with an additional application requirements as an international student. Pleae review additional application requirements for international applicants on our website.

I am not a U.S. citizen.  May I apply to Amherst through the National College Match?

Yes, with additional application requirements, regardless of citizenship or geographic location. We require a demonstration of English proficiency. We require any applicant whose first language is not English to take the TOEFL or IETLS or MELAB.